Award Winners 2008 V-Twin Expo

It’s a tradition. Every year, on Saturday evening during the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo,  all the industry gathers in the Grand Ballroom of the Duke Energy Center to celebrate the winners of the Excellence Awards given away by Paisano Publications. Great food and drinks, and good camaraderie to congratulate the bling bling winners. And this year’s winners are:

Lifetime Achievement Award – Tom Rudd, Industry, Leader of the Year– Brett Smith, Motor of the Year – S&S Cycle – S&S X-Wedge, Frame Designer of the Year– DNA Specialty – Viper 300, Wheel, Designer of the Year – Xtreme Machine – Innovator Series, Tech Product of the Year– Custom Cycle Controls – Simplified Air Suspension, Accessory of the Year – Corbin – Fleetliner Kits, Performance Product of the Year – ATI – ProCharger, Teresi Prize – Innovative Product Award – TS Engineering – Husher Exhaust, Metric of the Year – Yamaha – Star Motorcycles – Raider, Custom Production Bike – Intrepid Cycles – Steadfast, Cruiser of the Year – Harley-Davidson – FXCW Softail Rocker, Production Bobber of the Year – SucherPunch Sallys – 66 Bobber, Production Chopper of the Year – OCC Motorcycles – SplitBack, Bike of the Year – Big Dog Motorcycles – 2008 Pit Bull

7 Responses to “Award Winners 2008 V-Twin Expo”

  1. 1 Curt! Feb 12th, 2008 at 2:25 am

    It was a hoot to be in the front row tables at the banquet. I’m not sure who OCC paid off to get an award, but there were much better production choppers there than what they had to offer. Zero Engineering and Sucker Punch Sally both had production choppers that blew OCC away. When the award was announced almost no one applauded. Just the 2 tables where OCC and their hangers on sat applauded. The speech by Junior was an insult to the Expo and everyone that supports it IMO. After they got their award and made their speeches very few people applauded. It’s testament that you can’t buy your way into respect in the industry. I’ll bet when it appears on the show that they cut in the applause Brett got.
    There were a lot more celebrities this year than in past years. The crowd was way down this year. It was nice to be able to visit with Arlen and Cory Ness, Brett Smith, John Kosmoski, Charlie Hudaya, and Dave Perewitz. Sorry, I missed you Cyril. It was a great show, but you could tell they cut a lot of corners on expenses. We all go to see the new products and see friends, so the absence of frills meant nothing. The new S&S Knucklehead motor is gonna be great and the Knuck frame ought to make for some cool custom scoots next year.
    I met a kid there named Kyle Shorey from Dallas, Tx t hat is going to be a headliner in coming years. He had some very good ideas. Watch out for him.

  2. 2 madpuppy Feb 12th, 2008 at 10:02 am

    Hi Curt, I know all the names you mentioned, except one! What or Who is OCC?

  3. 3 Rodent Feb 12th, 2008 at 10:41 am

    OCC’s ego might hurt but their bank account ain’t hurtin’

  4. 4 Curt! Feb 12th, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    Orange County Choppers from the TV show. Paul Teutel Sr. Paul Teutal Jr, Just got a mental freeze on what their show is called.

    Rodent The bank account is gonna run dry if they gamble it on production choppers in this environment.

  5. 5 Chop Net Feb 12th, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    Silence at the V-twin Expo when OCC received their award front of all the V-Twin industry vip’s. Must have really hurt Paul & Paul ego All this happened, not because they made a ton of money, but because they don’t seem to respect their own industry. They have a serious image problem, and it’s going to handicap them a lot with their production bikes.

  6. 6 93 Harley Jan 18th, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    Are there any real world reviews of Tech Product of the Year Custom Cycles Simplified Air Suspension? I’ve read articles about it and its ease of installation, limited points of failure. etc. But I haven’t been able to find anything from anyone who has actually been riding with this system. Anything out there??


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