New Dakota Digital Instrumentation For Harley-Davidson Dressers

Dakota Digital just introduced the new MCL-3000-OT and MCL-3006-OT digital instrumentation systems for all 96-08 Harley-Davidson Dressers. Complete 6 gauge set plugs directly into your stock wiring! Applications available for all 96’-UP fairing models including Road Glide. Set includes Speedometer with odometer and dual trip meters, Tachometer, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Voltage, and Fuel level gauges. Additional features include clock, gear position, 0-60 time, ¼ mile time, ¼ mile per hour, 0-60 mile per hour, and high speed and RPM recall. Includes cruise engaged indicator as well as security,check engine, and ABS light. Extremely bright blue LED displays are highly viewable in sunlight! Two packages available: MCL-3000-OT is a direct plug-in 6 gauge set for 1996-2003 models. MCL-3006-OT is a direct plug-in 6 gauge set for 2004-2008 models. More info at Dakota Digital or see your distributor.

3 Responses to “New Dakota Digital Instrumentation For Harley-Davidson Dressers”

  1. 1 Dave B. Mar 14th, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    I love the Dakota Digital stuff, especially the HLY Series of 2 1/16″ diameter mini gauges. I have used them for 6 years in the custom handlebars I make, and had great results every time. They are easily viewable, even in broad daylight.

  2. 2 Doc Robinson Mar 15th, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    I’ve run the earlier series of Dakota Digital gauges in my 2004 CVO for 2 years now. This bagger ‘set’ simplifies the wiring immensely. As a baby boomer the old eyes are not what they used to be and I couldn’t always read the exact speed on the stock gauges nor the other info that well. With the Dakota set I can read all the info in bright sunlight or on the blackest night. They’re a great idea, highly recommended!

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