Lewis Custom Cycles Destroyed By Fire. Can You Help?

I know Ron Lewis from Lewis Custom Cycles. On March 9, 2008, his motorcycle shop and a family owned business next to his, Lewis Market, located in Southeastern Kentucky were both totally destroyed by fire. Unfortunately, neither business was covered by fire insurance. He asked me if I could help without requesting to have his request published in my Blog. But I decided to make you aware. Below is part of his letter to me.
“My brother & myself battled this fire with just buckets of water, but the smoke had gotten so bad that we were not able to keep going inside with more water to help enable putting this fire out. Our local fire department was only 5 minutes away, but it took them nearly 30 minutes to arrive on the scene. Once they arrived, the fire was getting out of hand. Within a very short time the roof of the Lewis market was fully engulfed in flames. I was told that my bike shop was going to be saved, but we had a very unexpected turn of events. The only acting fire chief had made a decision to have all the water hoses spraying in an area that was already burned, which forced the flames to be redirected towards my bike shop. I was told by one of the fireman that I needed to get as many people to help me as possible to get anything important or of value to me out of the shop & we only had 5 minutes to do so. So first, my 3 bikes were removed, then after that we only had time to grab 2 computers, a printer, 1 box of parts & a couple of guitars that I had in the back part of the shop. Losing my shop like this has been very devastating to me. I have worked so very hard to make my business. Now I have a major mess and I do not have the money to clean up or to build back. Not to mention all the inventory, fixtures & memorabilia, etc. I have always been a “make it on my own” type of guy, but to be able to clean up & rebuild I am going to need a LOT of help & support. Just this past year my business had really started to prosper & I am not one to give up. LCC is a dealer for over 70 major aftermarket companies & also OEM parts for all major brands of motorcycles. I do NOT like asking people for money, but to keep Lewis Custom Cycles in business I have no other choice. Thank you for your time & any consideration in helping us with this matter & may God Bless.  We have began a Pay Pal account to send money to, which is: rebuildlcc@lewiscustomcycles.com or you can mail checks & money orders to: LCC Rebuild Fund. c/o Ronnie Lewis. P.O. Box 818. 23150 HWY 421. Hyden, KY  41749-0818

Cyril Huze