Start It Up At First Crank

Your bike was in storage for a few weeks or for a long winter. Time to ride again, But your bike will not start. And you already know the problem: accumulation of fuel related gums and varnishes. Never fun to diassemble your carb. to clean it when your friends wait for you rumbling their bikes on your driveway? Spectro Oils of America introduces a new FC Premium Fuel Conditioner and Stabilizer formulated specifically for use in high-performance motorcycles and other small to mid-size high output engines, Spectro FC premium helps you ensure top performance and easier maintenance from season to season. Spectro FC is suitable for all forms of gasoline-fueled engines. Spectro Oils FC concentrated fights corrosion and varnish build up while countering ethanol-accelerated corrosive problems within your fuel delivery system. Spectro Premium FC contains oil to further inhibit corrosion and provide lubricity. You can get more info at Spectro Oils Website.

Cyril Huze