Hear Music At Any Speed.

Wish more music volume while riding at high speed? Then you should carry a Boostaroo®! The Boostaroo is a small, inexpensive audio amplifier and splitter that will deliver up to a 400% volume increase and better audio clarity to help a rider overcome wind and road noise. This amplifier is the size of a Bic lighter, uses standard 1/8″ stereo jacks. So, it is compatible with almost every audio player, headphone, and motorcycle audio system available. Simply plug the Boostaroo in-line between the device you are trying to amplify, and your helmet or motorcycle speakers. Now With 40 Hour Battery Life! Upbeat Audio.

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  1. 1 Chuck Jun 17th, 2008 at 9:30 am

    Hey, I found the site where UpBeat sells these directly. It’s http://www.boostaroo.com. I have one of there older units, and am going to try one of these out.

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