2009 Garage Girls Calendar. Beautiful Models Hard At Work.

“All Killer, No Filler” is the only way to describe the exciting 2009 Garage Girls Calendar photographed by Jim Gianatsis which features a close-up look at the beautiful FastDates.com Calendar Kittens without the bikes getting in the way! This year’s sexy Calendar Felines include Playboy model Tiffany Toth playing house with Amber Lancaster. After a hard day at work in the garage, Tiffany and Amber find they haven’t a thing to wear as they hang up their just washed clothes to dry! Also getting dirty in this year’s Garage Girls Calendar are Playboy Playmate Tamara Witmer, Miss Hooters National Swimsuit Pageant finalist Cora Skinner, the beautiful Carrie Ann Stroup. With the 2009 Garage Girls Calendar, keep up to date all year long, both in the garage where you keep your tools, and in the house where you park your bike! Garage Girls 2009 Calendar.

Cyril Huze