New Interesting Concept. Trike Rentals.

As far as I know nobody specializes in trike rentals. Think about it. You want to ride a trike for a few days to see how it feels. Or you just want to ride one during your far-away vacation because it is what you ride back home. Or your companion/partner/wife told you she would feel better/safer/more comfortable cruising behind you on a 3-wheeler, and argued that she could snap better pictures while in the wind. Find your own reason(s).Santiago Chopper Specialties is behind the idea of offering trike rentals with a range of 4 models (more later): Softail, Dyna, Road King, and even a chopper trike for the most “custom minded” bikers among you. Santiago Choppers based in Tampa intends to build a national franchise, and those of you going to Florida (Orlando, Daytona anyone?) are in luck because your trike can wait for you when you land at the airport. Maybe you should already reserve yours for Biketoberfest. Price is $200 per day + insurance. Call on my behalf Christine or Alan at 813-671-9097. Santiago Chopper Specialties 

Cyril Huze