A Visit To The New Harley-Davidson Museum







Motorcycle Photojournalist Jeff Bartucci visited the H-D Museum and briefly describes what he saw.
“The H-D Museum is filled with extraordinary stories of people, culture, products and history compiled from day one. The museum was built near downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the end of Canal St.  In fact the street was extended to accommodate the museum.  Menomonee River surrounds the 20-acre property on three sides with the design of the building being of an urban industrial theme, referencing the manufacturing DNA of Harley-Davidson.  The entrance is nestled under a 80-foot steel tower with a huge Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield logo proudly displayed.
Before you enter you will first notice the chains that draped across the entryway, which where cut with a cutting torch during the opening ceremonies.  The entry doors are incredibly tall and lead you into a stunning farcicality. Once inside you will find a motorcycle representing every year make and model.  The walls are filled with stories about those who live the Harley-Davidson life and the passion it imbeds in the life of motorcycle enthusiasts.
The very first Harley-Davidson Motorcycle built in 1903, serial number one, is on display along with a replica of the small building is was built in. A section dedicated to the movies and famous people that promoted Harley-Davidson, including Elvis Presley’s 1956 Harley-Davidson KH motorcycle and bikes from the EZ Rider movie. 
There is an engine room displaying every engine manufactured and some that never made it on a motorcycle.  Rare collectables of vintage riding gear, posters, ad campaigns and graphics will keep your mind traveling back in time, including a mock board track display from the early 1920’s with cornering factory race bikes on display.
The 20 acre museum offer 2 places for you to eat. Either at the CAFÉ RACER™ serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering you a quick refuel which you can eat there or grab it to go.  Or The MOTOR™ serving lunch and dinner menus and a full service bar.  Great atmosphere and American classics including Milwaukee and Wisconsin favorites.” (pictures Jeff Bartucci at Biker Data)

2 Responses to “A Visit To The New Harley-Davidson Museum”

  1. 1 Rodent Oct 9th, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    Didn’t HD hype the museum enougfh?

  2. 2 36EL Oct 31st, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    There was no 1903 model Harley-Davidson, so they can’t possibly have it there in the Museum. The first Harley ever built dates to 1904 and that bike vanished sometime around World War One.

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