Stainless Steel Belt Buckles, Etc.

In a farm North of Boone, North Carolina, Steve Garn a.k.a B.r.e.w. Dude (B.r.e.w. is acronym for Blue Ridge Electric & Welding) is TIG welding frames, custom building bikes (2008 Easyriders Old School Builder Of The Year), is offering powder coating & ceramic coatings for your exhaust, is designing & manufacturing many trick parts and even finds the time to make these very cool stainless steel belt buckles. The guy knows his …..So, if you are looking for a man with multiple skills, call him on my behalf at 336-385-2739 or at least put him in your address book. Brew Racing Frames.

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  1. 1 dragon Dec 30th, 2008 at 7:35 am

    ok what harley rider would want one of those

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