Elvis Presley And His Beloved 1956 KHK By David Uhl

elvispresleytatcyrilhuzeblogTwo years ago,  bronze artist Jeff Decker and painter David Uhl embarked on a new and exciting collaborative project with Harley-Davidson and Elvis Presley Enterprises. During Daytona Bike Week I reported on Jeff unveiling of his bronze masterpiece of a sculpted Elvis. David followed up with “American Icons” that I saw him painting while in Daytona. After poring over thousands of archival photos from the collection of Elvis Presley Enterprises the past few years, David envisioned an image unlike any he had seen.  Using the same pose as with Jeff Decker’s bronze, this stunning image features Elvis astride his beloved 1956 KHK with some of his incredulous fans in the background.  Elvis purchased the bike in January of 1956 and in May of that same year, he was featured with it on the cover of The Enthusiast magazine.  The bike currently resides in Harley-Davidson’s Museum in Milwaukee. 

“America’s Icons” will be cross-licensed through Harley-Davidson and Elvis Presley Enterprises and in the spirit of keeping the edition size as low as possible, David is pleased to offer the following exclusive release:
”Regular” – image size 20 x 25, $1,250 framed (edition of 50 plus 20 APs and 5 HCs).
”Jumbo” – image size 28 x 35, $2,250 framed (editon of 10 plus 2 APs).  And if you want  this magnificent original it is available as well, 24 x 30, oil on linen.  If interested, contact Agent Greg Rhodes at greg@uhlstudios.com or call: 303-948-1088. David Uhl Studios.

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  1. 1 Dave Blevins Apr 22nd, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    I’m usually not into this kind of thing, but this looks really nice. Very nice indeed.

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