Shasta Salute To America Motorcycle Rally

shastasaluteamericamotorcyclerallySeth Doulton has produced rodeos, car, truck and motorcycle shows coast to coast during 25 years. When he took on the job 3 years ago of bringing back Hollister he knew he had a big job ahead of him. But never thought that the city would not realize the financial benefit of this rally. Since August last year bikers and vendors alike have been telling him to forget about Hollister! “They don’t want our money… We don’t want to give them a dime”. With that said he has been looking for a new place. Tulelake-Butte Valley Faifgrounds, in North California where he will be in charge of the 2nd Annual Shasta Salute to America Motorcycle Rally. It will be a 3 ½ day event (July 3-6th), and tickets are already for sale by going to Shasta Salute To America Motorcycle Rally. 4 nights/3 days is only $50 and 24 hr daily passes are $20.

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  1. 1 EzJ Jun 30th, 2009 at 9:06 am

    Thanks for the plug CH – very nice of you.

    The theme of the Shasta Salute to America Motorcycle Rally is to salute our troops whose sacrifice gives us the freedom to ride our motorcycles anywhere we want in the greatest country in the world. A portion of our net proceeds will be donated to Operation Gratitude ( OPGrat has sent over 450,000 CARE packages to American military personnel depolyed in hostile regions.

    I have been making films about motorcycle culture for years. My girl & partner, Debbie (Wings2Fly), & I have taken the best ingredients & combined them to produce what we believe is one of the finest authentic motorcycle rallies in the country.

    Our music lineup consists of Pat Travers, Charlie Brechtel, Nat’l Dust, the Craig Allen Blues Band & Fat’nSexy. Debbie’s bar is the social hub of the Rally. 12,000 sq ft air- conditioned Wings2Fly Saloon is staffed with the friendliest best lookin folks in the business. We have a full liquor permit thanks to the Siskiyou County Sheriff, a biker, who wants to see his depressed county receive economic benefits from an annual multi-day motorcycle event. This is a rare thing! The Sheriff’s father is on the Wall in DC, too.

    We have Boogieman Bike Games (Sat pm), Izzy’s Tattoo Contest (Sun pm), Orgeon Arm Wraslin (Fri pm), the Wings2Fly Corset Contest (Sat pm) topped off by Pinky & Sluggo’s Crusin for Cash (Sat am) – a 100 mile loop ride thru maginficent region. We also have nighlty ALL-In-FMX stunt shows goin off @ the EzJ Concert Field – these guys flip & fly while running a great pyro-technic show. There are over 50 vendors inclduing some delciious food served nightly in the Tequila Rose Cafe where a full course dinner is just 10 bucks. CMA serves daily breakfast, too – donation only.

    This Thursday, we are escorting American Veterans Traveling Tributes – the “Cost of Freedom” & “Traveling Wall” 30 miles from the Klamath Falls Oregon Home Depot to the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fairgrounds for set up. The sacered display memorials will be open to the public FREE throughout Independence Day weekend. Bikers who want to ride in the Escort & help with the setup of the displays afterwards are ALL WELCOME to camp for FREE on the “BACK 20” alfalfa field just behind the fairgrounds beginning Wednesday, 7/1.

    BTW – where the Rally takes place is like a country club for bikers. There is over 100 acres of manicured lawns & everything is maintained to the highest standards. There are immaculate restrooms as well as plenty of hot showers. (Our maintenance crew even waxes the toilet seats so the gaskets don’t stick!)

    On Sunday, CMA will bless the bikes. Afterwards, the colors will be posted & we will have our first annual Dedication Ceremony for AVTT. The ceremony takes place on the “East Lawn” underneath a 40′ X 60′ pole tent. We’ll have about 500 chairs & disabled access.Several guest dignatary speakers are on the agenda. Following their powerful words will be the “Ride of Honor.” Bikers will circle the interior perimeter of the AVTT displays saluting them with their left hand. After this solemn occaision the mood will shift to one of celebration as bikers, military vehicles & custom cars participate in our annual military tribute parade “Bunch-a-Thunder” down Tulelake’s Main St.

    Sunday is also “Family Day” & children under 10 are admitted into the Rally FREE with their parent or guardian. Friday & Saturday are ADULTS ONLY (18+). You must have photo ID to purchase your pass.

    The riding in this area is magnificent! Lavea Beds Nat’l Park is just a 15 minute ride from the campground. Crater Lake is 90 minutes north & Mt. Shasta is 90 minutes south – the Pacific Northwest is incredible.

    Finally, the town of Tulelake & Klamath Basin are biker friendly – just look at all our sponsors on the Rally’s website! They want our business! I even got in trouble with the Chief of Police’s wife after last year’s inaugural rally ’cause he had so much fun “policing” our event, he went out & purchased a slightly used black Softail.

    Slight correction on the pricing. 3 1/2 day passes are on sale at the Check-in Gate for $65. 24 hr Daily Passes are on sale for $25. Your pass includes all the above – no extra charges for anything.

    Please visit our website @ for all the latest info or, call toll free @ 877-688-4229 if you have questions.

    Thanks again, Cyril. (You should come, too! – we’d love to have ‘ya.)
    EzJ, South Bay Biker Productions

  2. 2 EzJ Jun 30th, 2009 at 9:37 am

    Thanks for the plug, Cyril,

    What we put together is the finest authentic motorcycle rally in the western region of the USA & it is all dedicated to America’s troops whose sacrifice gives us the freedom to ride.

    AVTT’s Cost of Freedom & Traveling Wall (Escort, Dedication & Ride of Honor), Operation Gratitude, magnificent Pacific Northwest riding, Pat Travers, Charlie Brechtel, Nat’l Dust, Craig Allen Blues Band, incredible camping w/ firepits & dry juniper (venue is like a Biker Country Club) & the 12,000 sq ft acd’ Wings2Fly Saloon staffed with the hottest lookin friendliest folks in the biz. Great contests w/trophies, poker run, non-stop event schedule. stunt shows. military tribute bike parade, arm wraslin, tattoo contest, corset contest, daily breakfast CMA donation only, over 50 great vendors. delicious dinner just 10 buck ea night in the Tequila Rose Cafe.

    Escort of the Traveling Wall & Cost of Freedom in Thursday @ noon in the Klamath Falls Oregon Home Depot – all bikes welcome & you can camp for free on the back 20 alfalfa field until the veue opens on Fri. Epic.

    I encourage everyone to check out our website – Hope everyone can make it & y’all come back & see us every year.

    South Bay Biker Productions

  3. 3 Riverside Rebel Jun 30th, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    EZ_J is one fine BRUTHA…

    I hope everyone takes the time to thank him for this neetO rally he puttin on for us floks!!!

  4. 4 madpuppy Jul 1st, 2009 at 7:26 am

    EzJ , thanks for putting this all together ! Its a shame about Hollister. It`s like the West Coast version of Myrtle Beach. The Tulelake & Klamath Basin are a great place to have a rally and have some fun ! C-Ya there.

  5. 5 Rodent Jul 1st, 2009 at 9:07 am

    Between the unofficial Hollister Party(We don’t need no stinkin t-shirts) and MotoGP a few miles from Hollister it’s going to be a good weekend…AND we have to thank the gloved one for crookeing and there will be so many cops to babysit its funeral in and around Santa Barbara taking policeresourses away from Hollister-Laguna Seca area.
    Seth Dalton should know that. He’s from San Ynez home of Neverland.

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