Biltwell Megaflake Helmets


I should begin this post by the fine print: “Biltwell helmets are designed for display and novelty purposes only, and should never be worn to operate an actual motorcycle. Simply put, Biltwell helmets do not meet any DOT or other safety standards”. This being said, Biltwell continue to sell a lot of their open face helmets. Is it because they are lightweight and comfortable? Because people like the vintage style chrome strip around the opening? Because their helmets are “one size fits most” thanks to a foam padding inside both soft and compliant and a very flexible outer shell? Because NOS helmets are very expensive and rare? Because of the wide range of solid, metal and new mega flakes (choice of orange burst or root beer) colors? Because they complement perfectly the vintage feel of your bike? Because of the moderate price of $114? Because… Well, you decide. Biltwell Helmets.

6 Responses to “Biltwell Megaflake Helmets”

  1. 1 jatinder pal Sep 10th, 2009 at 8:54 am

    This is truly my liking,metalflakes,pinstripping….retro stuff is totally cool.One size fits all,its unreal.Biltwell=good products.

  2. 2 Lisa Ballard Sep 10th, 2009 at 10:18 am

    I recently got my first Biltwell helmet and there is no looking back. Great product!

  3. 3 nicker Sep 10th, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    The next style-direction….. Retro(?).

    Looks like Old is New.

    A good reason to pay attention to spark plug cap style………. 🙂


  4. 4 Chris Sep 10th, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    Why don’t they meet DOT standards? Isn’t that kinda the point for a helmet?

  5. 5 GM. Sep 11th, 2009 at 10:52 am

    My life saved by a Carbon Kevlar HD 1/2 helmet this summer. Helmet remained in good condition other than a few scraps after hitting the pavement at 70 mph. Although out cold for a good 20 minutes, I see no reason to switch over to a non DOT approved helmet no matter how good it looks.

  6. 6 Tom Keefer/ Franklin Church Choppers Sep 12th, 2009 at 6:58 am

    I live in a non helmet state, it is nice! This helmet even though it is not DOT it is better than nothing. I sell alot of them. Accented with some pins and they are perfect.

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