New BDL Competitor Clutch For Harley-Davidson 98-09

bdlcompetitorclutchThe BDL “Competitor Clutch Assembly” (Ref: CC-130-BB) is specifically designed for installation in all stock Harley-Davidson clutch baskets from 1998 to 2009. The kit includes 7 Kevlar fiber clutch discs providing 60% more surface area than those in the stock factory pack. In addition BDL includes 7 application specific steel plates, their patented “Ball Bearing Lock Up” pressure plate, a diaphragm spring and retainer, a clutch hub and necessary hardware. The BDL Competitor Clutch is offered in 3 different version for a variety of H-D applications. Pricing starts at $300.00. Details at Belt drive LTD or call Bob at 714-685-3333

Cyril Huze