Riding. What Is Your Preferred Position.

paughcobarsPaughco recently added 3 new handlebar styles to give you more options matching your bike style and your preferred riding position. On top, the 1- The Mini Z is a traditional style 1” “Z” bar, but with just 1 ½” rise, 2” pullback, 10” center section with 4” drop and 29 ½” overall width. Mini-Z’s go for just $118.95. 2- The “Boardtrack” Springer Bars feature 1 ¼” diameter tubing going down to 1” at controls and grips placement. The design integrates .675” diameter hollow mounting studs that exit below the tree and allow you to route your bike’s wiring through the mounting studs. Supplied with extra large I.D. polymere bushings and washers. Available in 8” and 11” rises with 7” pullback and 31 ½” width. Retailing for $229.95. 3- The  Springer Bars has just been re-introduced. These nostalgic bars are identical, in looks, to low slung handlebars found on early factory boardtrack race machines. Paughco’s version is 1” diameter with heavy and mounting applications to both Paughco and early OEM in-line springers. These bars are HOT and go for just $255.95. Call on my behalf 775-246-5738 or visit Paughco.

Cyril Huze