Brought Back To Life From An Archival Harley-Davidson Black & White Photo

daviduhlIronHorseJunctionNot only David Uhl is the best motorcycle inspired painter I have ever known but he must be one of the most prolific. Yes hard work is as good as talent and David has both exceptional skills and the obsessive desire to express on canvas as many motorcycles as he has ever seen in the street, in museums and in the Harley-Davidson secret photo archives.

“IronHorse Junction” featured here is his most recent release (Brought to life from an archival black and white photo) and the first of David’s new “Early Transportation Series”.  This collection will feature Harley-Davidson alongside different modes of transportation.  Matching edition numbers will be made available for those choosing to collect the series in the future. Christmas is coming, so I give you the print specifics (all canvas giclee, hand-signed, numbered, Certificate of Authenticity): “Small” – image size appx 16 x 12, $375 framed. “Medium” – image size appx 24 x 18, $1,250 framed. “Large” – image size appx 34 x 26, $1,895 framed. “Jumbo” – image size appx 42 x 31, $3,500 framed. Contact Greg Rhodes. 303-948-1088. Uhl Studios.

Cyril Huze