Nash Motorcycle Electric Juice Saddlebag


But where do I hide my battery, my relays, my wiring, etc? n my saddlebag, of course. It has been done before by many builders, including this writer. Now Nash Motorcycle company offers what they call the “Juice Bag”. Not only find a place to hold all your electrical essentials (your rain gear will go on the other bag if you run duo saddlebags), but save a lot of time on the tedious process of hiding, soldering, connecting your wiring.

juicebag-keyThe “Juice Bag” includes an EtX 14 Deka Battery pumping out 200 cold cranking amps. The battery measures 5 7/8″ Long X 3 7/16″ Wide X 5 3/4″ Long. 3.5 feet of both positive and negative battery cable is included so you can cut it to whatever length is needed. A water proof key start is mounted on the outside of the bag.

Water resistant starter relay, circuit breakers, quick disconnect Deutsch connector, and high quality water resistant wiring is all mounted inside, along with the battery.  You can choose between 3 different style of bags: The Nashty Ol Bag, The Sancho Bag, or The Half & Half Bag. Each bag is universal to fit either Hardtail or Softail applications. You can decide to have it mounted on the right or left side ($857) and to buy the other side with the set of 2 bags, “Juice Bag” and regular bag for $1036. Choice of Brass or Nickel buckles & rivets. More at Nash Motorcycle Company.

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  1. 1 Roadside Marty Nov 14th, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    As with anything Taber comes out with, this is gonna be a damn good product, I guess i will have to rearrange my plans for my next build so I can incorporate one of these!! Great job Taber!

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