A Thank You Letter From The Bernice MacNaughto High School Bike Klub

klub1“In this economic climate it’s hard to find help.  Help from the government, help from banks, help from big industry.  This is not true in the motorcycle and custom motorcycle industry.  When I asked Cyril if I could write a blog entry to thank my sponsors he was naturally concerned.  This blog was intended to be a valuable and news worthy place for industry people and enthusiasts to go.  This was not a place to shamelessly “plug” my sponsors, this letter’s purpose is not to “plug” my sponsors, rather to give credit, where credit is due.  I would like to start out by saying this, the size of a contribution or donation to an after school program like mine is not what I am thanking anybody for.

I am simply thanking those who have trusted me and believed in my kids that they could step up to the plate and deliver a home run when one was needed.  The Donnie Smith Chopper Class Challenge is a great and wonderful event.  This event has brought more attention to my little Klub than I could ever hope for so they will be first on the list to thank.  I thank them first because without the competition, the drive, the ambition to succeed would have been harder to achieve.  Most of the people that have helped my program out, did so without thinking twice, without me or the members having to beg or plea for support, allowing us to hold on to our pride when it seems we were asking for a “handout”.  We don’t see these as “handouts”, we see them as a “hand up”, friends and peers, helping each other out.  The Chopper Class Program has high school kids from all over the world, building motorcycles. 

klub2Some of these programs are part of the regular curriculum and taught during the school day, others, like mine, are after school and receive no funding and depend on the small amounts we can raise selling cookie dough and raffle tickets.  The real support comes from those who give of what they have, they give with the knowledge that soon, these kids will be out there in the real world, building bikes.  I know my kids will not forget who contributed, these kids are the future of the industry.  Knowing that, folks like Joe McGlynn of Crime Scene Choppers donated parts to the Klub in a “raw” form, he also sent me the instructions as to how the students could bring them to a “finished” state.  The Klub ended up with some cool parts and the know-how, thanks Joe.  Sponsor like Russell Mitchell, who not only gave and gives to my program but put up with the kids and myself two years in a row at the Digby Wharf Rat Rally in Nova Scotia by housing our booth in his space, giving the kids a sense of what it’s like to be in the limelight and “upped” the chances of exposure and fund raising because of it, thanks Russell. 

I honestly believe the people who have sponsored my program or any of the other programs in the US and Overseas don’t fully do it just for the advertising, they do it because they want to help, help the kids and help the industry.  I am hoping to appeal to all individuals in the custom motorcycle industry to support Chopper Classes, the benefits far surpass any residual sales that may come from your support.  The student members of the programs feel encouraged by the knowledge that Master Builders and companies know they exist.  This gives them the drive they need to continue when times get tough, when deadlines approach, when it’s time to promote their own programs and themselves, because the bottom line with all of this, is the kids.  So when I say “Thank you” it’s not to meet any obligations to people or organizations for products received or money gained, it’s to sincerely convey our gratitude to those who saw fit to trust, believe and invest in the future of this industry even during these trying times.  So if I may, on behalf of the Bernice MacNaughton High School Bike Klub of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada I would like to say “Thanks” to all those who helped us to this point, Merch Motors USA, Exile Cycles, Goldammer Cycle Works, Corbin Seats, Performance Machine, Avon Tyre, Mid-USA, PPG, Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts, Avon Grips, Deeley H-D Canada, all the H-D Dealers in Canada that supported us, Trick Factory Customs, Cycle Boyz, Hogzotic Cycles, Biker TV, Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, Cycle Source Magazine, Ol’ Skool Rodz Magazine, McKay’s Custom Creations, Kent County Custom, Elswick Cycles, Pyrotech Kustoms, Guilty Customs, British Cycle Supply, Todd’s Cycle & Service and countless local companies.

Along with parts donations some builders have given time and consideration to the klub.  Folks like Russell Mitchell, Eddie Trotta, Matt Hotch, Brad Ruel, Bob McKay, Tim and Rod at Trick Factory and Chica, whom we have met and spent time with and even worked with.  Others like Cole Foster, Roger Goldammer and as mentioned Joe McGlynn have offered technical advice and help.

It’s important that people know that there are many out there helping keep this industry alive by supporting the future custom bike builders.  To those that support the other high school teams, we thank you as well. Support your local Chopper Class!!!”

Mazz. Marc Mazerolle, Bernice MacNaughton High School, Teacher/Manager BMHS Bike Klub,  999 St George Blvd. Moncton, New Brunswick E1E 2C9   CANADA

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  1. 1 Darin Maltsberger-Instructor@MTI Nov 24th, 2009 at 9:12 am


    I truly understand your sentiments. In these tough economic times, many people see those of us in educcation and our students as ” just another charity”. Our program, like yours, strives to help our students develop their own talents, build their self esteem, and give them the encouragement to follow their dreams and passion for the motorcycle industry. I and my students are truly grateful for the friends in the industry that have been helping us. People like Brian and Laura Klock, Joe Mielke and the rest of the Klock Werks crew, Mike “kiwi” Thomas and his family, Kevin Baas, Blake Sabres, the guys at T-C Brothers Choppers, Rachel and her crew at SuckerPunch Sallys’……….and so many more. My students need these role models and the encouragement of successful professionals in the industry as much or more than they need parts. If my students leave my classroom with the skills they need to be successful, then I have been successful……..and isn’t that what all of us deep down want……..to be successful?


  2. 2 Mike Kiwi Tomas, Kiwi Indian Motorcycles Nov 24th, 2009 at 10:30 am

    These kids are our future and our industries members time and effort is priceless. Without theses kids we have little future. Even in tough times giving feels good. Rock on to all of you. All is good

  3. 3 Scottie Ard, Director Donnie Smith Chopper Class Challenge Nov 24th, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    The Donnie Smith Chopper Class Challenge 2010 is underway. With the support of Donnie Smith,
    Iron Works Magazine, American Thunder Promotions and the Donnie Smith Bike Show, the 2010 Donnie Smith Chopper Class Challenge will the be the most exciting to date. The teams will be in St. Paul, Minnesota, March 27-28, 2010 for the Donnie Smith Bike Show.
    The continued support of the afore mentioned has enabled the Donnie Smith Chopper Class Challenge to reach secondary school students from all across the USA and several foreign countries.
    The investment in a Donnie Smith Chopper Class Challenge Team is not only an investment in the future of the motorcycle industry; it is an investment in the future of today’s youth.
    Please contact any or all of the instructors listed below to help support them in the 2010 Donnie Smith Chopper Class Challenge. Monetary donations are always welcomed by the teams, as the teams are responsible for travel expenses to St. Paul for the Donnie Smith Bike Show. Sponsoring a hotel room, gas mileage or a meal are great ways for an individual or group to support these amazing young builders.

    The 2010 DSCCC TEAMS

    Bernice MacNaughton High School
    Bike Klub
    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
    Marc-Rene (MAZZ) Mazerolle,(ED02)

    Mitchell Technical Institute
    Mitchell, South Dakota
    Darin Maltsberger

    New Richmond Senior High School
    New Richmond, Wisconsin
    Walter Campion

    Eden Jr./Sr. High School
    Eden Chopper Class
    Eden, New York
    Steve Jones

    Caledonia High School
    Caledonia, Minnesota
    Kris Seitz

    Clearfield County Career & Technical Center
    Clearfield, Pennsylvania
    Dan Kerlin

  4. 4 Mazz Nov 24th, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    Thank you to the Cyril Huze Blog for printing this message. I wanted it to be an honest “Thank you” to all our sponsors, This note was sent in a ways back and some people didn’t get mentioned, if I may; Kiwi Indian Motorcycles, thanks Mike; Troy Fabrications, thanks Troy; Young Hot Rods and Choppers, thanks Hank; and just today Wimmer Cycles, thanks Lee.

    Support your local Chopper Class!!!

    I would like to be in contact with all the chopper classes I can, even if you do not compete at the DSCCC, so please email me would ya!


  5. 5 Mazz Nov 24th, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    Well said Dan.

  6. 6 Kevin "TEACH" Baas Nov 30th, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    Great report Mazz, I hear ya there. The Kennedy Chopper class is excited to see the other school come to MN again this year. It’s amazing how many have gotten into this since our start back in 2003. I get e-mails all teh time from other schools looking to incorporate teh project in there schools so it looks like the educational benefit is finally getting realized mainstream and it is sparking others to get the excitement going in their classes.
    Although we are not entering teh chopper challenge we will have our projects on display again this year. Previews can be seen at our website http://www.kennedychopperclass.com

  7. 7 Kevin "TEACH" Baas Nov 30th, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    The..not teh, sorry

  8. 8 Kevin "TEACH" Baas Nov 30th, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    I put a news flash on the site with all your contact info as well. Good luck to all.

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