Did You Notice Under Each Of Cyril Huze Blog Articles?

cyrilhuzeblogaddthisSharing internet content is one of the most useful features of the Web. And I know (because we track everything happening in my Blog), that you love to forward and share my posts with other friends or coworkers, on social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google or aggregators like Digg, Blogger, Delicious, Buzz etc. To help my users share my Blog content everywhere they want we installed a small “Share” button on the bottom right of each of my articles. In a few seconds you can send and share my writing with your friends via 200+ internet services from all over the world.

My content will even be automatically translated in over 50 languages (if you want to share my articles with people from another country or are reading me from a non English speaking country, “Share” will automatically translate its interface into these persons browser’s language). “Share” also includes basic utilities like Print, Translate, and PDF Online. Click on “Share” right now at the bottom right of any of my articles and see all your possibilities. It takes just a few seconds to share over the internet all over the world and I know you are going to love this service. (sharing my articles is fine. Stealing them is not).

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  1. 1 ian Jan 28th, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Just added it to my little blog – good one.

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