Myrtle Beach Spring Rally. What’s Going On?

myrtlebeachAlready down during these last years, the 2009 city of Myrtle Beach political maneuvers has lowered even more the Spring rally attendance. And in mid-February nobody knows for sure what’s going to happen for the 2010 edition. Originally a local Harley Dealers event, even Harley-Davidson Motor Company didn’t make a definitive commitment and is still pursuing negotiations with North Myrtle Beach.

In the latest development Harold Worley and Mark Lazarus, both businessmen and respectively current and former Horry County Councilmen try to plan a “Cruising The Coast” rally from May 7 to 16 around North Myrtle Beach with as anchors vendors setup at Barefoot Landing and at the Harley dealer. The city of Myrtle Beach and the Chamber Of Commerce continue to do surveys to try to find out what is acceptable for the residents, merchants and bikers. So, is it still Myrtle Beach or North Myrtle Beach Bike Week? (The city of Myrtle Beach is just a part of the Grand Strand. Highway 31 will take you around the city to North Myrtle Beach or to Surfside, Garden City and Murrell’s Inlet  You never have to go into the city limits of Myrtle Beach on a motorcycle unless you chose to). To follow…

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  1. 1 Steve Kelly Feb 12th, 2010 at 7:35 am

    Such a pity, it was a great rally. Myrtle Beach is like a clean, cheap and upscale version of Daytona. Oh, and they have a Dog House bar too!

  2. 2 just my opinion Feb 12th, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Those idiots in Myrtle beach RE_ELECTED that clown they call mayor. It will take a long time for those people to figure out just how far our dollars went in supporting their fine city. But from what I hear there are businesses already closing as a result of no bike week and many more suffering. I was told that the Mayor has a hard time being welcomed in most eating establishments and in fact if he had to eat out or starve he would have died a slow death from starvation. I hear that the city leaders also known as the Mayors puppets thought that bike week could be replaced by other events but as of yet nobody can find an event that wants to be in Myrtle beach. The old folks that make up the majority in Myrtle beach are telling the city what to do but the city leaders should be smart enough to know that old people have a short life left and they need to plan for the future if they are to have one. This really is a shame because Myrtle Beach WAS one of the best rallies.

  3. 3 BadMonkeyMW Feb 12th, 2010 at 11:25 am

    The town of Myrtle Beach dug it’s own cess pool on this one. Let them swim in it.

  4. 4 choppertom Feb 12th, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    another case of political correctness… wasn’t bike week that killed it, it was the week after bike week that myrtle beach wanted to disban. but in this day-and-age you can’t blame one group without affecting another….i’ll keep my opinions to myself, but those who know…know what i’m talking about.

  5. 5 Len Hanger Feb 12th, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    My company was a vendor from 2005 thru 2008, spring and fall rallies. I work for Songer Whitewater, one of West Virginia’s leading outdoor adventure outfitters. Companies are always looking for new customers.

    Being riders, we felt that the motorcycle community was a group that would enjoy visiting West Virginia. While in our state, they would raft, lodge and ride through some great countryside. We were right, each time we went to Myrtle Beach, we saw more sales than it cost us to do the show. The people we met and who came to our company, were great. Sincere, fun and they did enjoy what West Virginia had to offer.

    During that time we picked up on the fact there had been some problems at past rallies. From talking to business people whom I asked directly about the problems, most complaints were about the Atlantic Beach rally during Memorial Day Weekend. Not the traditional Harley Rally, held mid May. As we know, you can not do away with one rally but not the other. (Call it as you see it.) So the Harley Rally was caught in the crossfire.

    One of our friends works for a golfing reservation company. I asked him directly, “If all of the courses were filled to 100% capacity, would that be equal to the motorcycle rallies?” His answer, “No, the courses can’t hold that many”. So the city can not depend on golfers to make up the difference. Also, school is still in session and families won’t come to make it up. Motorcycle enthusiasts was a perfect fit. Above average income and time to travel.

    We did not go to Myrtle Beach in 2009 due to the problems with the City of Myrtle Beach not wanting bikers. We felt that our return would not be enough to pay for our trip. As it turns out, we were right. It had been a real disappointment to our company, due to lost sales and friends that we made. Personally, it has been disappointment to Lee & I as we miss the friends we made in Myrtle Beach and the chance to ride in good weather after a long winter in the mountains of West Virginia.

    Truly it is a sad situation, to lose a rally with over 60 years of history being an important part of the Myrtle Beach community.

  6. 6 just my opinion Feb 12th, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    choppertom; Why beat around the bush just come out and say it. You and others like you think it was the Black bikers that caused this whole mess. That is such Bullshit all the people I talked to told me it had less to do with the black bikers than it did with the Harley riders black and white with their loud pipes racing up and down the streets stop light to stop light. Reving up the motors while at the lights trying to scare the old folks in the cars next to them that is the main cause of all this. But the fact that there was a bike week and then a black bike week tells a lot about the people of Myrtle beach. No were else in this country is there a bike week for white riders and a bike week for black riders. Those people are living in the past and they need to wake up. Some of the people in the south are so racist it is beyond belief. You may not have known [Sandy Leone] the lady that took care of the vendors and their vendor spaces for HD of Myrtle beach during bike week but I asked her once about the black bike week. I asked if it really was as bad as some say it was. She told me that she also did vendor spaces during the black bike week and had never had a problem with any riders or vendor during either bike week. The thing about being racist is that a lot of people make up things to make their racist veiws seem more deserving but the reality is that racism is pure ignorance plain and simply.
    Those that are racist should remember that when their relatives came here from Ireland and england and germany and france and italy and all other countries the people that were here before them treated your relitives like they were less intelligent and less important than the people that had come before your relatives. It was not right then and it is not right to do that to others now. If there is to be a bike week again in Myrtle Beach it should be for all riders not just white or black. The good news is that racist grow old and pass and their children tend to be more tolerant of others.

  7. 7 Clarence Middleton Feb 13th, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    First get your fact straight. 2009 received the same number of visitors as 2009, and more then 2008. so the event wasn’t really reduced.

    Bye listening to the propaganda you are in first working for the Myrtle Beach Government.

    There is nothing offically about the up comming event, but there never was LOL. Both events have alway been adhoc word of mouth events. Thing will continue this year “unless people keep finding stories like your spreading about the internet”

    Matter of fact to put my conspiracy theorist hat on. I would say the myrtle beach government, or people paid by them is creating all of these “Bike Week is cancel, or people won’t come” Post.

    Good luck
    Both bike week are still on:

  8. 8 Brent Willis Feb 13th, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    Clarence. The propaganda is you. Attendance was down every year during the last 5 years and sharply down last YEAR. It’s evident you have financial interests in Myrtle Beach. You just lost credibility with untrue statements. Myrtle Beach Spring Rally is dead

  9. 9 squidlybob Feb 13th, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Fuck Myrtle Beach.Why spend your money somewhere you’re not wanted.

    Just my opinion
    Go ask the people in Daytona how much they like Black Collage Reunion.

  10. 10 TPEvans Feb 13th, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Its not dead. I was there last year. It wasn’t as busy. It was different. But it wasn’t dead by any means.

    Black Bike Week isn’t “Black Bike Week”. Its the Atlantic Beach Bike Festival. Sure, there are more blacks there than any race, but there is a mojor presence of everyone else. Its mainly about crotch rockets, to the extent it’s even about bikes at all, which it isn’t. The festival draws a massive crowd of partygoers of mainly younger folks that are all about a little “he’ing and she’ing”. Can’t blame them for that – I was more into it back in the day. Yep – its a little rowdier, with a good bit more skin showing.

    There was a shooting that had nothing to do at all with the Atlantic Beach Festival in which a young fellow sadly lost his life. The Myrtle Beach “leadership” latched onto this as a reason to go after the rallies. Some say they went after the Harley rally since they couldn’t simply go after the Atlantic Beach rally. By the way, Atlantic Beach is historically a beach where blacks folks go. They don’t have to, they can go anywhere – no problem. But many do, just like many black folks attend colleges tha historically have been mostly attended by black folks. They don’t have to – they just do. Anyway, the so-called leadership went after both rallies because they wanted to, not because it made some sort of reverse logic type sense.

    Myrtle Beach decided to so this about the time the economy went into a tailspin. If Myrtle Beach had been instead advertising to the world about how much it loved the Rally, it would have still been smaller. The recession would have seen to it – big time – and it did.

    Now, folks are getting there arms around this thing. Beachhouse HD in Shallotte is I predict going to kick some but this spring as the vendors will just about all congregate there to escape the high vendor fees of the SC locations. Shalotte I shoud say is just across the border in NC. It’s a short ride from North Myrtle Beach.

    So, all is forming back up, and cooler heads are figuting out how to build a new tradition from the changes brought about by the Myrtle Beach “leadership” and the recession.

    If the HOG rally is in North Myrlte on Main Street, a whole bunch of folks are going to get a taste of shagging at Ducks, The Spanish Galleon, and Fat Harold’s. It will be a blast. Its a great ride back down 31 outside the MB city limits to SBB, The Beaver Bar and Murrells Inlet.

    To all those that wanted to be left behind – CU round. I’ll be all around Myrtle come mid-May.

  11. 11 just my opinion Feb 14th, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    TPEvans; To say that Myrtle Beach has slowed because of the economy is not only wrong it is a good as burying your head in the sand. That rally is dying because the city wants it gone. Go ask how many vendor permits were issued for the HD dealer in Myrtle. It was some were around ten or twelve and two of them are for the beer stands another one or two are for food that leaves what 6 or eight at best. Yes that is a lot of vendors compared to years past when there was fifty or more vendors and that decrease in vendors has nothing to do with the economy. Lets talk about how Myrtle Beach has passed a helmet law that only exists in the city of Myrtle again has nothing to do with the economy. What about the cops harrassing people again only to stop the rally. And as for the rally being moved to North Carolina well that can not be called Myrtle Beach bike week now can it.
    North Carolina is smart to try and take the rally but don’t try and convince people it is the same rally because it is not. And as for the second bike week not being called Black bike week. Well that may be politically correct to deny that that was and is the intent of having two seperate bike weeks but for those of us that will be honest about the rallies it is a Black bike week and that is what people refer to it as, and it was ment to seperate folks. And as I have said before seperating people due to no more than the color of their skin is wrong. It alway has been and always will be.

  12. 12 TONY BAGOFDONUTZ Feb 15th, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    myrtle beach bike week has and will continue to be a tradition and is a blast for us up here in philly pa.
    last years trip was no exception WE HAD AS GOOD OR A BETTER TIME THEN THE 11 YEARS PAST!
    SURE there were some restrictions but there is always more then one way to skin an idiot politician


  13. 13 TPEvans Feb 15th, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Hey just my opinion, you are doing your best ot find racism whre none exists. Do you for a second believe that black motorcyclists all come to the Atlantic Beach Festival because they were told they had to ot told they couldn’t attend the Harley Rally? Look around at the Harley Rally – lots of black folks. Look around at the Atlantic Beach Rally – lots of white folks. The local NAACP is all over both rallies maiking sure no discrimination exists. They are not there to tell people what days they can enter Horry County. It is typical of those that thrive on racism to perpertuate the notion whereever possible that racism underlies every aspect of American Life.

    It seems to me the person with a mouthful of sand here is you. Come on into the 21st century. That 1920 era you reside in has to be getting a littel old.

    Oh, the recession has nothing to do with low attendance at the rally? It crushes banks, causes car companies to collapse, leaves millions of Americans without a job, but had no effect on rally attendance. Are you sure you want to continue with this line of reasoning? To quote the General during Katrina, I think you are stuck on stupid.

  14. 14 just gotta say it Feb 15th, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    Often Present Idiot Notating Insanely Obnoxious Nonsense

  15. 15 cwglide Feb 16th, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    When events get to big alot comes into play that ruins the event. One example is Hollister Independence Day Rally got larger each year and came to a point that law enforcement put a strangle hold on the city and the promoter that made it not feasible financially. One can look at it as a form of legal extortion; pay for the security or no permit.

  16. 16 hdbfree Feb 18th, 2010 at 10:02 am

    Myrtle Beach has really nothing to offer rally attendees besides hotels and restaurants….That being said, the surrounding towns have anything it takes to make a great rally. Murrells Inlet welcomes bikers an non-bikers year round and during the rally every bar,restaurant,and store cater to us bikers like any other rally. Just head south a few miles if you happen to stay in Myrtle Beach and you will have a blast. Bike Week is on this year and the “South Strand” is already planning activities and events(poker runs,parties,etc) for 2010. You like to throw in some riding anyway while visiting so head down HWY 31 north or south and see the different oceanfront and waterways this place offers. Screw Myrtle Beach…….but don’t not come here because of thier “laws”……spread the word……The rally is ON……

  17. 17 Motor Bret Feb 21st, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Yea it seems likes the local law enforcements tightens each year after bike week in South Carolina. Bike Week in S.Carolina is still going on according to all of the related threads that I have come across. A couple of good pointers I’ve seen on relate blogs, was Keep your reservation updated to make sure the hotel has not fouled up your reservation, so when you get there your NOT out of a room. And TRY to respect the local law enforcement. I know that’s easier said than done in these types of environments but trust me it will be less of a headache and easier on your wallet if you can avoid the local magistrates…lol and get your party on without additional setbacks.

  18. 18 Blondie Feb 25th, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Hello North Myrtle Beach

    Does anyone know where the Harley demo rides and HOG event pin will be given out during the Cruisin’ the Coast Spring Rally?

  19. 19 Rotten Robby Mar 20th, 2010 at 7:48 am

    Yea so they don’t want us in MB, wah wah wah ! It’s over crowed in May, it’s a pain going from light to light, the food, beer & fun is just as good or better in places like …….ahhhh Little River, Cherry Grove, NMB, Murrells, Inlet Surfside, to name a few HEY, the Main Street connector is done and goes over to 31 or if you want a really nice ride go all the way to 90 to 22 to 31 and there’s a lot of good riding in NC too! Are we about riding or whining? I SAY SCREW EM _- LETS RIDE

  20. 20 Seven Jan 20th, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Ummmm.. Myrtle Beach sucks anyways. They will feel the financial effect of not having either Bike Week there and come back begging for it to start up again. How about as bikers (black and white) we come together as brothers and stick up for one another instead of the blame game?

    My over all question… How can they stop bikers from coming anyways? Vendors? sure…. Bikers no!

    FUCK Myrtle Beach!


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