Daytona Bike Week. Save Fuel. Thundermax AutoTune Installation.

During large biker events, some big names of the industry will do your product installation. Your opportunity to save a lot of money, time and in this case…fuel when riding your way back home. If you go or are already in Daytona for Bike week, and if your bike is a 2001-2010 Harley Big Twin, or a Sportster 2007-2010 or a V-Rod 2002-2010, the Thundermax EFI System with AutoTune may be worth your consideration. Its merit is to greatly improve the performance of your Harley (fuel milage, better accelerations, engine running cooler) without compromising the overall power output. Its beauty is that it automatically adjusts your air-fuel ratios every time you ride regardless of changes in ambient conditions. So all you have to do is ride and enjoy! You can get your ThunderMax with Auto Tune installed while you are in Daytona! Zipper’s Performance is setup at Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona and Dan Fitzmaurice tells me that he still has a few appointment slots available to install ThunderMax on your bike. Please, send an email at: By the way, if you use a Thundermax AutoTune, stop by to say hello and share your experience.

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  1. 1 Rogue Feb 27th, 2010 at 7:56 am

    I was at Destination Daytona on Friday having the new Thunder Max installed on my 2009 FLHTC and there seemed to be plenty of people there.
    If that is a indication of what will be happening elsewhere it is a good sign..OH as far as the Thunder Max goes I am really Impressed, you will have to wait for my tech articles to appear to find out all the details though. I am riding back to Daytona today to speak at the Bike Week Freedom Rally at 5:45 I will also be speaking Sunday at 12:45.

    To those going have a safe trip Note there seemed to be alot of police on the road around Destination Daytona, They did not seem to be doing much just sitting there in a group, maybe it was break time LOL

  2. 2 Rogue Feb 28th, 2010 at 9:02 am

    Since my previous post I have had the opportunity to put some miles on my motorcycle and I have to say that I do not remember having installed a part that was so easy that produced such a drastic improvement in performance.
    Thunder Max is introducing the New Throttle By Wire (TBW) Engine Control Module (ECM) during Bike Week.
    I would like to suggest that if you have a Harley that uses the throttle by wire as oppose to cables that you stop by and see them and find out more about thsi new product.
    Those of you that have motorcycles with throttle cables they have some great items for you as well.
    Tell Rogue sent Ya.

  3. 3 J Feb 28th, 2010 at 9:50 am

    Good to know, Rogue- so it adjusts itself, works pretty well? Does seem to be the most comprehensive solution- I’m not into downloading off a laptop and all…..

  4. 4 Rogue Mar 1st, 2010 at 8:15 am

    It adjusts itself and works Great not just pretty well.
    You will have to down load info from a computer into the Engine Control Module (ECM) and a lap top is the most practical
    At this time there are Six (3 basic programs and more will be added soon.
    Basically what you need to do is let the ECM know what if anything has been done to the engine and it does the tuning after that.
    After you put some miles on it you can go back in and see what changes it made if any.
    As you ride around the country and there are changes it automatically adjust as it does to your riding style.
    I have been riding it the 105 miles from my house to Daytona daily and in different kinds of weather.
    The motorcycle runs so well I have to be careful of my speed, but to be honest a couple of times I grabbed a handful just to see what it would do and it did all I wanted it to.
    I was sort of counting on my radar detector to alert me to any situations that someone might think my speed was not justified LOL
    Hey I was testing a new product LOL
    Anyone with questions that is going to be in Daytona stop by Destination Daytona and see them.
    If you are not going to be there check them on line and or at their company.
    Gotta Go getting ready to ride back to Daytona.

  5. 5 Rogue Mar 1st, 2010 at 8:20 am

    OOPS IT should be a 6 not a 3 I made the goof and tried to correct it and didn’t.
    See what happens when you hurry LOL
    Yes I want to go and ride my motorcycle.
    SEE YA!

  6. 6 Jim Mar 1st, 2010 at 9:58 am

    To date, I have installed the ThunderMax on more than 60 bikes. They really are an awesome product! Today I will be installing my first TBW ThunderMax. Everybody needs to look into this product. The capabilities are endless. One thing not mentioned here is that the ThunderMax also gives you your own diagnostic capabilities too. It is a one-time spend on the fuel system and after that it will adjust to any changes made to the motor. There is never any requirement for dyno tuning. If you need it, the support from Zippers is AWESOME!!!


  7. 7 A 1 cycles inc. Mar 1st, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    i will say again word of caution, this product works well, but if you develop an intake leak it will continue to tune your bike untill that cylinder (or both) run so rich it will turn off, if you foul a plug or have another problem, it can leave “funny tuning integers” on the base map..i have run into this personally in the shop.also sometimes weird exhuast combination..long no baffle fishtails for example will revert enough fresh air on return pulse that the o2 sensor gets an abnormal reading..and will tune itself weird..but in a perfect world it works great. the powercommander 5 has the ability to send the customer out in the world to let the bike tune itself and then you can turn the auto learn portion off…untill further mods are made on the bike it will hold that map. make mods to the bike turn it back on let it learn and hen turn it back off for the long haul..i just prefer the pc 5..but i will install both

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