Typographic Tattoos

Most tattoos are about images conveying a message. But what about tattoo typography? Isn’t the written word even stronger to deliver a specific message? It’s even more efficient if you use typography turning letters into images to make your words looking like beautiful tattoos.
I find quite interesting that a woman who is an art director, designer, author, photographer and Associate Professor of Art at The City College of New York and whose areas of expertise are typography and magazine design, writes a book about the power of 26 alphabetical characters inked in your skin.
Everything goes: political & social statements, philosophical thoughts, love, humor, respect, music lyrics, hate and even logos, yours of the one of your preferred brand. “Body Type 2” is the sequel of “Body Type” and demonstrates in pictures with commentaries that you should look beyond images when you decide to get a tattoo. Very inspiring if you have something to say to the world. Released today. 192 pages . Body Type 2.
Cyril Huze