Test Ride A 2010 Harley. Win A 2010 Harley.

A new promotion from Harley-Davidson to convince you to buy one of their 2010 models. Riders who test ride any new Harley-Davidson motorcycle at a participating dealership between April 1, 2010 and June 30, 2010 will be entered in a drawing to win a Harley-Davidson motorcycle of their choice (EXCLUDES CVO MODELS) and an exclusive trip to Milwaukee to customize their new ride at the Willie G. Davidson Design Studio. The custom motorcycle will be signed by Willie G. and certified as one-of-a-kind by the Harley-Davidson Museum® Archives. In addition, daily drawings will be held to award $500 Harley-Davidson gift cards. You can schedule your test ride online with your local participating Harley-davidson dealer. Just go to Harley-Davidson 2010 Super Ride.

10 Responses to “Test Ride A 2010 Harley. Win A 2010 Harley.”

  1. 1 J Apr 3rd, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    LOL- just knock $2K off your sticker across the line and be done with it-

    Ford did ok when they dropped the price of the Model T from $850 to $360;

    But what’s to be learned from the past, for it never repeats, right?


  2. 2 fuji Apr 3rd, 2010 at 7:23 pm


    Well, there goes your shot of having Sir Willie signing your bike or winning gift card. LOL

  3. 3 J Apr 3rd, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    Hehehe- thanks Fuji- I was pretty much banking on winning the longshot, then selling the card on Ebay- heheheh;

    Come to think about it, that’s pretty much Harley’s financial plan going forward, too… Hmm….

  4. 4 4Cammer Apr 3rd, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    If I win think they will let me have a Buell 1125R or MV Agusta?

    No signature needed either…

  5. 5 Doc Robinson Apr 4th, 2010 at 7:25 am

    Smart marketing in my opinion. Won’t get guys who weren’t going to visit the dealerships anyway down there, but others who may be vacillating might find this just the spur they need. And riding a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle sure stirs the juices toward wanting one!

  6. 6 im Apr 4th, 2010 at 9:36 am

    No big secret that many dealers have new ’09’s on the floor and aren’t the 11’s due in a couple of months? My personal belief is some of the more savey customers are troubled by the ABS and fly by wire systems. A lot of police departments have switched to Honda or BMW. This I think tells alot about the uncertanty of their ABS and Fly By wire. I talked with one of the “Juneau Ave Guys” in Rapid last August and asked about the ABS and problems, his reply is that HD was not as bad as BMW, from me he got a “Really?” Nice motto “we don’t suck as bad as the other guys.” Ok I opened the door lets see what the real industry pros have to say.

  7. 7 Doc Robinson Apr 4th, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    Well im, I’m the technical editor of HEAVY DUTY magazine (www.heavyduty.com.au) which is Australia’s leading Harley-Davidson and American V-Twin oriented magazine and which has been published for almost twenty years. I run a regular column Tech Torq. Readers write in with any problems that they might encounter and we do get lots of letters and emails on all sorts of issues. Never have we had one about a problem with either the ABS or the throttle-by-wire system although anecdotally I did hear of one instance. Both the editor and I have a 2009 Tourer in our garage and despite doing lots of miles have never had a problem.

  8. 8 jatinder pal Apr 5th, 2010 at 12:38 am

    Right said J,drop the price and see ur sales grow in these hard times……may this scheme works for Harley.

  9. 9 Boss Hawg Apr 5th, 2010 at 7:49 am


    One of my rides is a ’08 (23 months old now) 103 ci Ultra Classic with both factory ABS and Fly By Wire. I do ride…yes ride… and to date the bike has not been on the lift or in shop other than for standard maintenance services.

    I can say that you better have some balls when you are running 70 plus and need to stand on the braking…cause the ABS does work….thank god…chirp chirp chirp..

    AS for the fly by wire, after all was run-in was (1500 miles), this bike was Dynoed (97 passes on the dyno in the bat cave) by Patrick at Gator Harley in Leesburg FL and has no idle stall nor delayed response…106 ft-lbs flat-line torque from idle through 5000 rpm….SE 255 cams drop off afterward since they are indeed torque cams….vroom vroom vroom…plenty of power at any speed for passing with passenger and loaded….like I said I do ride.

    To all the nay sayers here….ride what you ride…’08 103 ci Ultra Classic to ’08 103 ci Ultra Classic bring it on and lets lite ’em up…if you wanna accept the invite…Ms. Hawg and I will be at the Leesburg Bikefest. Mildly put…put up or shut up! OK, Loser buys the beers for the night…lol

    The Super Ride program is a great marketing arm and will definitely boost sales for HD. Problem is most of you’s credit sucks or you may just be pushed over the edge an run out an buy another….I am really thinking about one to ride a little then tear it down for a base to begin with and take it from there for what I really want.

    Boss Hawg

    Boss Hawg

  10. 10 J Apr 5th, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Huh? Never heard of any problems with the latest ABS bikes, and my next new Harley WILL have ABS- period. As to the drive-by-wire throttle- well dude, if you take one apart, it’s actually pretty easy to figure out- and it’s a lot easier than routing throttle cables anymore….

    No worries tho- some guys are scared of technology- some riders were terrified of shock absorbers once, I get it…..(!)

    BTW- no police departments have switched from Harleys because of the ABS- that’s like saying they switched because of the brand of tires….. As always, what cops ride are dictated by budgetary concerns, and lowest bidders…….

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