New Round Of Layoffs At Big Dog Motorcycles

Last Friday, new series of layoffs at Big Dog Motorcycles, it seems to be the 8th. Although the new number is not yet known, among key collaborators let go are John Brock (since 2003 Vice President Of Operations), Anne Dixon (Customer Service Manager) and Wayne Hanson (since 2006 Customer Support Manager.)

The Big Dog Motorcycles website doesn’t feature the $20,000 Chopper presented last February at the Indianapolis Dealers Show to motorcycle dealers and medias as the low price model supposed to revive the company sales. No presence in Sturgis is announced for the 70th Anniversary of Black Hills Rally. It’s almost one year ago that Presidentand CEO  Sheldon Coleman announced here in my Blog that he was actively looking for investors, a partnership, joint venture etc. No official update was provided. Big Dog Motorcycles.

Correction June 30, 2010. 2.21 pm Est: John Nasi at  Big Dog Motorcycles advised me that the company will be exhibiting in Sturgis. Location is: Champions Park at 1205 Lazelle Street (between 2nd and 3rd Street).


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  1. 1 mike@meanstreet forks Jun 30th, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Hi Gang. No matter what anybody says. big dog is probably the most engineering oriented after market bike builder around. no one else hired more engineeres than they did. it is a huge challenge to build semi high production bikes knowing the the life testing needed like i do. Coleman gave it the true all guns out effort and he put his cash on the line. it really shows you how much effort hd puts into a reliable bike. All these iconic brands brought us alot of great times. I realize that many had issues, but if hd made that many bikes in that short period they would be in the same boat

  2. 2 Jeff Reid Jul 1st, 2010 at 12:10 am

    In ref to Rick Fairless’ comment earlier. My name is Jeff Reid and I’m from Suffolk, VA who purchased an ’05 Bulldog brand new from Ernie Haire Ford (Tampa, FL) when he was set up in Myrtle Beach, SC in Oct ’05. My bike is project code G5311 and has been a total and complete NIGHTMARE since the day after I bought it. From what I was told (in secret) that my particular model was not a full production bike due to issues found after the build began. Now I can’t prove this but when I started looking and asking other shops nobody had the bikes and a couple said that model was discontinued. After experiencing several problems with this bike I started asking for a trade assist from my bike to a Mastiff (similar in looks and stance) but had negative results. TO THIS DAY i am still having issues with this bike that have included a motor rebuild, transmission rebuild, air suspension replacement, clutch replacement and clutch cable (defective from factory) replacement. I’ve also had an EHC replaced and STILL cannot make it a mile from my house without it shutting down. I haven’t put 50 miles on this bike in over a year and am still making $469 a month payments!!! Now here’s the problem……(as if I didn’t just give you enough!!)……I COMPLETELY understand these things are hotrod-ish toys and that toys sometime break. Trust me, I owned a Titan before this…LOL. Except for me not ever being confident of making it back from a ride without the assistance of a trailer, I have thoroughly enjoyed this bike WHEN it DOES run like it’s supposed to, not to mention it’s one of the best looking bikes Big Dog ever produced. The factory has been helpful with some of the repairs but left me with the $1700 tranny repair with only 17k miles on it. Yes, I said 17,000 miles. I am one of the customers who actually rides his bike…when it runs!! Now the biggest problem of all……..each and every one of my friends, family, co-workers, associates and riding buddies know me and especially my bike (and it’s history). NOT ONE of them would ever purchase a Big Dog due to the CONSTANT problems I’ve had and the fact that the factory wouldn’t trade out an obvious “problem bike” for another that I could actually enjoy while I paid for it!!! So right now, as it sits in my garage broke down and inoperable, I’m not feeling any sorrow for the status of their business. Because I have to believe that if they’ve treated me like this, they’ve more than likely handled similar situations comparibly. I would have just sold this problem years ago but I have (apparently) more of a conscience than the factory because I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I sold this thing to some other poor, unsuspecting soul. So Big Dog…..when you’re trying to figure out what happened…pick up the phone and call any of your service centers and act as if you’re one of your own customers with an issue. See how you get treated. See how you feel after you hang up the phone…..only then will you have the answer to your questions. Hopefully you can tell by my comment here that I am a well educated, understanding customer that feels all his problems of the last 5 years would have been for not if they had just traded me onto a bike that Big Dog themselves believed in. At 43 years old and having been a customer of some pretty high dollar toys, I can tell you this have been (BY FAR) my worst ever experience of a product and customer satisfaction level.

  3. 3 sidewinder Jul 1st, 2010 at 7:51 am

    I ride with a smile on my face cause the bike is mine done the way I like it. It shows the work & personality I put into it. & No I didnt pay $30k for it, not even close! I wasnt slagging anyone or bike, I was just commenting, in general, about how the industry trend is to bash choppers lately. Just meant be happy with what you have. I dont give a sh*t is someone thinks i am cool or not, but I do appreciate when someone takes the time to compliment work i put into something.
    As far as picking up chicks at a Hells Angels open house… I dont know about the women in your area, but in mine…. I’ll pass & take the Vespa. No offense.

  4. 4 Jul 1st, 2010 at 11:47 am

    please turn out the lights and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of town.

    great attempt, but no cigar.

    ray usa

  5. 5 1550tc Jul 1st, 2010 at 12:45 pm


    purchased an ‘05 Bulldog brand new from Ernie Haire Ford

    Ernie Haire Ford WTF??? Ernie Haire Ford ???

    sorry dude but i had to stop reading your post at that sentence………there was your first mistake

    A Ford and BDM dealer……what kind of Ford franchise agreement did this guy have???

  6. 6 Jeff Reid Jul 1st, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    LMAO….They had the BDM franchise…..a rip off artist named Bob Stetson (my opinion) owned the deal. I should have known from the way he treated me during the entire purchase process on how this deal was gonna go down. I should have explained that a little clearer. I certainly understand how silly it reads.

  7. 7 1550tc Jul 1st, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    OK Jeff R. I’ve come out of the ether and just had few jager bombs and read the rest of your post.

    Ar first i thought it was trade in, you know trade a dog in for anotehr dog LOL…… but then i read he was BDM dealer WTF and to make matter worse the guy was seling the bike out if trading area man………i thought only some of my dates at trade shows in Vegas did that?

    That bike of yours seem to have aged in dog years I think, 17k and needs a tranny, what was in it a $250 Fling Ling 6spd?? My buddy has on ole 750 toaster tank bmw 225K original tranny!!!!!!!

    Nasi wow once saw the guy work his ass off at some dealer’s open house in El Cahon?……… giving bikes to a Ford dealer should get him into the sales reps hall of shame, talk about desperate!! What an insult to Henry Ford, he should have given BD to the local LADA dealer!!

    After reading the other post about Nasi above, its so true people don’t remember f-all u tell them they, just remember how you left them feeling after they met you!! BDM should have spent less on adds and those stupid f—king Rolexes and bought their guys a $3 Dale Carnegie book to read!!!

  8. 8 stephen Jul 2nd, 2010 at 3:10 am

    # Cade Jun 30th, 2010 at 8:05 am

    Why ride a Jap Honda Fury when you can ride a American BDM ?
    # 32

    Lets see, Honda.. largest dealer network in Australia, Fully ADR approved, every insurance company will insure it. Great engine, great handling, great bike to ride.
    Big Dog.. No dealers or importers in Australia, no ADR approval, the govt won’t let you bring one in to the country and if you did find a way to get one in well you can’t register it. The Australian govt says NO to American made and YES to Japan made. Only HD can afford to pay for all the ADR approvals. Besides the Japanese companies contribute lots of money to the major political parties, so who do you think they will make the rules for?

  9. 9 Rick Lossner Jul 2nd, 2010 at 7:51 am

    Jeff Reid: That is why we have Lemon Laws… you missed the boat on that one, or live in the wrong state :(

    My Ridgeback….. awesome bike…. yours is the exception, not the norm :(

  10. 10 Sheridan Jul 3rd, 2010 at 5:48 am

    Sorry to correct you on a technicality Stephen (Jul 2nd, 2010 at 3:10 am) but in Australian you can currently purchase the following American made cycles through dealers with full ADR compliance: Harley Davidson, Victory, Pro-One, Saxon, Big Bear Choppers, Sucker Punch Sally (and previously Hellbound Steel). It’s not about the Australian Govt saying no to US bikes, it’s saying no to bikes that do not comply with ADRs.

  11. 11 Jeff Reid Jul 4th, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    @Rick Lossner……Isn’t it amazing that the Lemon Law deal is only for two years after the purchase date…ironicly that’s the coverage time frame of the warranty also!! In Virginia you cannot use the Lemon Law if the item is still under warranty. Trust me….I tried everything. I even had the President of the Credit Union who financed it for me call BDM’s legal and ask them to help me with trading it out. And I TOTALLY understand my bike is the EXCEPTION…….it’s so unfair of the amount of negative “press” my specific bike has gotten BDM to each and every person who knows of my issues that have plagued this bike since the day after I took delivery. And again, please understand that I would be alot more patient with it had BDM not stopped production of that particular model mid-stream for whatever reason(s).

    @1550tc…..the tranny is a Baker unit that came in the bike from the factory. You think that’s bad??? The motor had to be rebuilt at 13k miles due to being tuned improperly (too rich…beat the cylinder walls up). I traveled 2 hours each way for EVERY SERVICE at mileage increments so to keep the warranty deal straight. They tried to not cover the engine repair until I showed them every service ticket from their “factory authorized service facility”. LOL… $700 set of Arlen Ness pipes are runied at the ports from bluing and at the end from scraping the pavement on right hand turns!!!! It no longer has the OEM air suspension due to the numerous leaks that you wouldn’t know about til the frame hit the road and would cause you to not be able to make a turn completely. Almost wrecked on an exit ramp riding it home from Myrtle two days after buying it (did I metion there was a safety recall on the module that the dealer DIDN’T DO prior to delivering the bike to me?? And he knew I planned on riding it home to put break-in miles on it). Oh wait……another $469 payment is due and I haven’t ridden it since last year!!!!

  12. 12 Buell 1 Jul 4th, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Jeff Reid
    Thing could be Worse.
    You have only experienced a few of the 2005 Bulldog problems. Have you checked NHTSA web sight about the all the Recalls and Service Bulletins covering your bike.
    You could have your heavy steel front fender fall off. The frames side plated bend and start chewing up drive belts. Have your plastic side covers started to fall off? How many speedometers have you replaced and do you know your primary does not have a compensator?

  13. 13 Jeff Reid Jul 4th, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    @Buell 1…….your info is not surprising!!! Speaking of the belt issue…that’s what happened when I had the tranny rebuilt……belt tore apart and strands got caught on the right rear turn signal bucket and locked up the back wheel at 60mph in front of traffic!!!

    You guys remember me and these conversations….this bike WILL hurt or kill me one day. These reasons are why I will not sell it to someone else….just as they should not have sold it to me (or at least traded me off it when I started having all these issues).

  14. 14 1550tc Jul 4th, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    Jeff do what u can with it as it sounds like a total turd.

    Get and a blown HEMI or V10 dodge truck and make this BDM roll off the back of it with NO one behind you of course!! while your doing some 0-60 runs or 50-75 mph roll on tests

    Only other bike i have heard this kind of horror story from was an 01 POS Indian …….nice bags though :)

    I will not sell it to someone else …..hate to the see that bad karma this BDM could bring you :(

  15. 15 Jeff Reid Jul 5th, 2010 at 12:55 am

    I’m serious when I say this one experience is the worst ever in my entire life of purchasing anything of any value. Even the stories with my Titan Phoenix are frustrating….but I considered the source being Titan prior to the first going out of business deal. But when I bought from Big Dog, I knew they had been in business for years and assumed they had their act together (which I believe they do, just not on the model I bought). In ref to the insurance claim, each and every time something bad happened to me I’d believe it was because of doing something illegal….and that’s just not my style. I’d love for someone at Big Dog to read this thread and understand my situation. I have to believe there’s still someone there who cares!!!!

  16. 16 JimC Jul 5th, 2010 at 8:24 am

    I have to agree with Rick Fairless. I am not a BDM dealer but I am a dealer. The Big Dog type of bike has not really gone out of style,it is just almost impossible for someone to get financing. I agree that the sales have gone down because not as many people want to buy one but I would rather have one of these type of bikes than a hard tail Bobber. Now there is a bike that will get broken down for the parts. And most of the Bobbers on the market now are being built with Off Shore parts. All of us need to realize what that means and do what we can to help a company like Big Dog that buys most of their parts from good ole USA manufacturers.
    I would rather ride a K9 than almost any style bobber out there on the market at the moment. Now there are a couple of bobbers that I like but most of them I would not waste my time and money on them. Good luck BDM Just my .02.
    Jim Corcoran (Jim C)

  17. 17 mike Corbin Jul 5th, 2010 at 10:25 am

    Sheldon Coleman isa wonderful person and product champion..
    He has his heart, soul and money on the table and is trying to build a strong brand in America..
    Big Dog has treated riders and dealers very well..
    The World has slowed down ,wonderful products and American companies are struggling for life..
    We should be thankful there are Americans that try to build companies in our country..

  18. 18 Stuart Jul 5th, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    I don’t have a or ever owned a Big Dog but if I were in a situation right now to afford another custom I would look at some of the Big Dogs and wouldn’t think twice about it. Had a old Titan that I put almost 28k miles on 2 yrs. and loved it other than the vibration. But what do you expect from a solid mount stroker motor? I would still have it if not for someone else wanting worse than me (stolen). Big Dog has always put out nice bikes and still do. No I am not a dealer do know one and have had the pleasure of going to Strokers as well as several other Big Dog dealers across the country and have had some great experiences from each. The only thing Big Dog has to blame is the economy which has hurt every one. To all those that love the Big Dog brand, have fun and enjoy. And to those haters, grow up and get informed about the real situation going on not only at Big Dog or some of the other manufactures but also in this great country of ours.

  19. 19 Jeff Reid Jul 5th, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    ok…so what I’m reading is you guys aren’t paying one bit of attention to my posts in reference to details such as my nightmare being a big part of why it may be so hard to get financing on these bikes. When Big Dig refused to help me with a trade assist (when the President of my credit union called) he pulled the plug on any further business with financing Big Dog products. Just think of the warm fuzzy feeling he would have had if the factory had (at least) acted as if they cared I was having so many major problems?? So beings most Big Dogs are good bikes, customers like me just have to take it in the ass and wish I had made a different choice in manufacturers right???

    @Mike Corbin….if Mr Coleman is such a great guy he would have returned ONE of my voicemails I left for him personally throughout the last four years of my frustrations. I know he has people in place to handle such issues but I just wanted to explain to him my position and see if he could/would do anything for me. Again….this one bike has caused more people within my “bubble” to never buy a bike from Big Dog…..and that type of negative press beats out however many thousands they’ve spent of positive advertising. I understand none of you know me or my world, so it’s not surprising I may look/sound like I just like to complain…..when actually the opposite is more true. When my Bog Dog is running and reliable, I’d rather ride it than my 2009 Screamin Eagle Softail Springer…..the problem is a can’t afford to keep it on the road when everytime you fix one high dollar itme another breaks right after it!!!

    Once again…..

    1) air suspension (always inoperative and leaked to where we had to remove it and replace with gas shocks)….of which Big Dog paid for the repair due to problem existing from the day after I took delivery. Took at least 5 (if not more) 4 hour trips back and forth for “repairs” and finally had to remove completely

    2) defective from factory (they knew of this problem but wouldn’t fix until it broke) clutch cable. This item broke 60+ miles from my house so I had to wait 2 hours at ferry dock for my group to get back and one of them to bring the trailer to get me!! LOL

    3) defective clutch hub that was going to fail (not if) so I bought aftermarket Bandit clutch and the factory paid for labor to install. Thank you BDM…..for the labor help, not the $500 clutch!

    4) several broken side covers that BDM replaced but didn’t help me with custom graphics I had painted on twice!

    5) motor had to be rebuilt at 13k miles due to cylinder wall damage from what they called being tuned rich for a long period of time. Tried to not cover due to out of warranty but I had all receipts from services being done at their Richmond, VA location.

    6) tranny took dump at 17k miles. Sent back to Baker (who wouldn’t cover due to being out of warranty)…..cost me $1700 to repair.

    7) now the EHC issue that causes the bike to shut off within 5 feet or 5 miles from your driveway!! Already replaced one and still have same issue.

    All these issues and I have still managed to put just a touch over 18k miles on it (when it runs)…..this time frame also includes winter non-riding months here. If the damn thing would stay up and running it’d probably have 35k miles on it by now!!!!

    So guys…..I’m just saying that a ONE BIKE trade assist for documented multiple major issues with their product should not be out of the question in this particular instance. It’s just ONE BIKE….to me (I know). It’s just ANOTHER BIKE to them….

  20. 20 V-Twin Nut Jul 6th, 2010 at 11:16 am

    Gone @ last. I got rid of my Big Dog Chopper this week end. What a P.O.S. This was supposed to be their best model. Myself and 3 of my buddies have all finally got rid of our

  21. 21 V-Twin Nut Jul 6th, 2010 at 11:54 am

    Oops, accidentally hit the enter button. As I mentioned, my buddies have all sold our Big Dogs (at a loss I might add) Don’t let the guys at Big Dig fool ya. Their struggling right now. Regardless what Fire Tire, Rick Fairless, Mike Corbin and all of the other guys out there that work with and for Sheldon Coleman. Sheldon is a cold hearted individual, I bet he wasn’t even the one that laid the people off. He probably had someone else do it for him. He has always stayed behind the scenes when he let people go. I had several friends that worked at Big Dog and they all had the same story when they were let go. The same story of cowardly moves by upper management and back stabbing by other employees to keep their jobs.

    Sheldon Coleman isn’t the great guy he makes himself out to be. Poor business man and a person that has no grasp on what people really want. He needs to go back to California and live off of his daddy’s money. Let Intrust Bank liquidate Big Dogs assets. After all, they are calling all of he shots. They have been for almost a year.

    There might be a couple of dealers out there that they still take care of, but if you talk to the majority of them, they will tell you that Big Dog is not paying its bills to them or their vendors. I have one here for $23,000.00 that they still owe and have owed since last August.

    The time of lying to everyone is over. Sheldon has lied to his Employees, Vendors, Dealers and the Public. Along the way he has made many enemies and disgruntle employees. Just talk to one of them they will tell you how things really are at Big Dog. They were the people that Sheldon used and then kicked to the side when he was done with them.

    Maybe John Nasi can send another press release to one of his magazine buddies and prolong the life of Big Dog another 6 months to get rid of a couple more bikes in their inentory. But most people out there are on to them by now.

    Big Dog has screwed so many people out there, they are finally getting what they deserve.

  22. 22 1550tc Jul 6th, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    Big Dog has screwed so many people out there, they are finally getting what they deserve

    yeah whats goes around sure does come back around and bitch slap you back to reality

    Jeff call him at his new number 1800eatshit

  23. 23 pabstbluerigid Jul 6th, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    adding insult to injury…have a couple of Big Dog wrecks in our shop…am VERY nervous about getting “some/certain” parts…got misc parts in Friday and some appear/are previously installed? lower legs had fluid residue in them AND had imprint of where the fender was mounted based on mud/grime buildup that remained on the leg! scuff marks too. wtf.

  24. 24 hellraiser Jul 6th, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    anybody that says a bike is out of style should not be riding , this isnt a fashion statement . you ride what you like . period . and if you sell your bike because its not the latest trend then your an idiot.

  25. 25 Hank Jul 6th, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    My ride is a 2004 pro street 300 tire soft tail custom. Turns heads where ever I ride. Took me 4 years to build during which I aged 10! BUT I love it. No bobber or bagger for me. Just my preference guys.

  26. 26 Jeff Reid Jul 6th, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    @1550tc….What I wrote was a well thought out, concerned as a customer, truthful comment that wasn’t bashing in an out-of-line manner. Thanks for you assistance with a phone number….I tried it but got Mr Coleman’s personal voicemail……LOL

  27. 27 1550tc Jul 6th, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    Jeff now that he has experience selling these types of toys, and fully understands the look at me ego of these buyers, the guys at bmd should consider selling these.

  28. 28 Jeff Reid Jul 7th, 2010 at 8:18 am

    1550tc….I totally agree with you on the “look at me” thought process… goes the same for a guy who buys a Corvette rather than a Camaro. But when you pay Corvette money, you deserve Corvette quality and especially Corvette service. I know guys who bought $6500 Hondas who are riding when I’m constantly broke down with my $30,000 “corvette”. I believe the company knows the mistakes that were made, the question is will they make it through the storm. I certainly hope so due to the number of customers out there that are held hostage by Big Dog’s production method of nothing aftermarket fitting their bikes.

    And if the company is in such bad shape then what’s the problem with “going out in style” and helping customers like myself with a bike “in inventory” that I can enjoy for the money I’m having to pay. I kinda get the feeling they are taking us down with them!!!

  29. 29 Jeff Reid Jul 7th, 2010 at 9:11 am

    one more thing… ref to your video… much as I pulled on it during my teenage years with negative results, I doubt very seriously this device will work any better!!!! LMAO

  30. 30 Laars Jul 7th, 2010 at 9:32 am

    I love how people who have never owned a Big Dog or ridden one, bad mouth them…… If BD is so out of touch with what people want, then tell me why when I parked my BD 2003 Chopper at the Local Harley dealer, the sales guy was pissed offf because one of the guys he was trying to sell a harley to wanted to know where the bikes like mine are. I had 5 of his customers around my bike, asking questions. Ya sure, nobody wants them…….Keep telling yourself that.

    At Laconia bike week this year, the guy that sits on the side of the road at all the bike events and takes all the photos of the bikes going by, stopped taking photos of the harleys, and snapped 6 shots of my bike as I went by. I know this because of the four other guys I was riding with, who were on Harleys, only one had there photo taken, and it was only the front half of his bike.

    Ya, ok, nobody wants them, or likes them…… Maybe I should sell mine and buy a standard, everyone looks the same, boring, Harley with a fairing and bags… You guys talk about being individuals, yet you all have the same bike, with the same accessories….B O R I N G!!!

  31. 31 OVRCOME Jul 7th, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    Here’s a guy, Sheldon Coleman, who took much of his inheritance, investment income, dividends, and nickles from the cushions of his $8,000 couch, built a company from one idea, one brick at a time, employed hundreds (incl. BDM, vendors, and dealers), and gave many a chance to work in an industry they are very passionate about. He overcame growing pains, recalls, reliability issues and more. He just couldn’t overcome the economy. And now, he is left with a once-again fledgling motorcycle company, in a shitty economy, and doing everything he can to keep the company survive. And many of you are bad-mouthing him and his products. Whatever. I had the privilege to work for him for several years before being, as Uruz puts it, eliminated. I don’t miss the place: the morale was weak, sales were down, heads were down, and more. I would not go back if given the chance. But I am more skilled now, and in a position, that without Sheldon, I would never have gotten. And yet, other ex-employees are bitter and pissed off…. for what? Because they can’t find a job and are blaming him? How about cut your hair, cover your tats, and then try. Overcome. and move on. Crappy bike? Overcome and move on. A fellow ex-employee told me this was posted on Cyril’s blog, it sure is interesting to read… sort of makes me glad I’m out of the m/c industry all together. Too much bitterness.

  32. 32 Gail Ash Jul 8th, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    I love my 2006 Chopper and my 2008 Mutt. They are the best bikes to ride and I wouldn’t trade mine either.!!!!!!

  33. 33 Jeff Reid Jul 8th, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    @Laars….My Big Dog is one of the best looking ever built. It just doesn’t do me any good sitting in the garage looking awesome when it won’t run AGAIN!!!!!!!

    @OVRCOME….unfortunately I’m one of the guys who financed $30,000 for one of these bikes that turned out to be a lemon. If you worked there then you know the history of the 2005 Bulldog and it’s limited production. All I’ve ever said negative was that if BDM decided for whatever reasons to cease production of that model then they should not have sold the ones that were left out there to unsuspecting dumbasses like me. Now I totally understand there are a hell of alot of them out there that run perfect…..mine’s NOT one of them. Never has and probably never will. How much fun am I having right now????

    @Gail Ash…..I envy you…..especially everytime I stroke that $469 check each month and haven’t been able to ride it in months!!!! Just fix it someone says….ok, $500 for the Wire Plus harness and 8 hours labor to HOPE someone wires it correctly…….Yee Haa!!!!!

  34. 34 OVRCOME Jul 8th, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    Jeff Reid: You’re right. The company did produce several lemons. They were just too late to respond to reliability concerns. That was the problem all along… very reactive, not proactive. You can tell that by when we came out with the chopper, the bagger, dealt with reliability, and now going to Europe. I only am expressing my respect for Sheldon as an entrepreneur and risk-taker. Like all business owners, some decisions were not the best, I just hope he can overcome them. I can’t say I totally understand your frustration, I have never owned a $30,000 lemon. My apologies for telling you and others to essentially “get over it.” That was harsh. I can only hope the best for all who need parts, service, repairs, etc.

  35. 35 Big Mike Jul 8th, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    I bought my 04 Pitbull used from my local HD dealer and kicked myself in short order when I found out they don’t work on them and local Big Dog authorized service centers are scarce. That said, I’ve owned the bike about a year and a half now, and while I have the skills to work on the bike myself, I’ve found that other than regular servicing, I have not needed to do anything to it. Also, usually the longer you own a bike them more you find that you don’t like or want to change. This bike however just keeps getting better. I love all of the high end parts that went into this machine. Everybody knows the reputation of S&S, Baker, Performance Machine, Day Tec, Autometer, Primo Rivera, etc. In a nutshell, the longer I have owned this bike the more in love with it I become.

    Would I buy another one??? Hell yes!!!

  36. 36 Bunch Jul 10th, 2010 at 6:49 am

    The bike is beautiful, 99 Pit Bull. Mean, sleek and a oh so lovely growl!

    Fixing it is another thing. Its not the labor, its the parts. Parts are by distributor only, now that was painful and long. Thanks a lot to the CT disty’s. EHC was shot, finally a new updated kit came out, 8 months later. That however did not fit the current wiring harness. Another three months. Do you know what its like to listen to someone complain for almost a year!?!?

    The whole EHC thing should have been a recall, no doubt about it. You just cant get parts, still. Forget any documentation nor schematics. They missed the boat in the after market business which to me equates to lousy customer service. We will not be return customers.

    We do love her though…..

  37. 37 pete Jul 10th, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    i have a 2005…40,000 miles.first year for the change to rsd and yes ive had every nut and bolt off the thing…bigdog backed me and after warranty i did it myself. with the bugs out…BEST RIDE IVE EVER HAD!!!

  38. 38 Darren Aug 21st, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    Absolutely love my big dog chopper. Bought it for half of new as a bank repo and ride it practically every nice day. The compliments are never ending. Practically every time I stop and anyone walks by at all. Young and old, that even includes grandmas. And for all you chopper haters or ones that simply say they are out, you are dead wrong. People walk straight past all the other brands or any of the styles. Bobbers ,baggers, metrics, you name it. They come straight to my chopper and don’t even crack a single look at all the others. They pull out cameras, wonder if they can sit on it, and simply ask a string of questions about it and are in awe about the beauty of it. The minute they walk up to it half the people will say “wow its a chopper, those are so cool and hot lookin ” Then when I start it to leave it starts all over again with ” sounds so sweet and powerful”, or something of that nature. Only good thing I can say about all those other styles is if you don’t like crowds or like endless conversation about your bike then those are definetely the motorcycle for you!
    All that I can say is long live the chopper and big dog because it has attracted many new friends admiring my gorgeous bike as they put it. Keep up the good work Mr Coleman and I hope you pull through because they are a definite work of art. People confirm that to me on a daily basis!!! People who bad mouth your bikes are nothing more than jealous because they don’ get compliments like we do and it obviously thoroughly pisses them off!! And as for problems, I have put 8,000 miles on my bike this year and no problems since I bought it a year ago.

  39. 39 Brian Murphy Aug 31st, 2010 at 12:17 am

    It is funny to hear all the talk about Big Dog. I have two 1997 Big Dog Classics. I have just over 66,000 on one and 37,000 on the other. I bought my first Big Dog back in 97 when the Harley dealers in Cincinnati would not even talk to you unless you had a bike to trade in, than if you had one they would put you on a list. There was nothing but attitude at the dealers at that time. No one had a clue what Big Dog was. I saw Big Dog, Titan and a few others clone’s as they were called then at the Columbus, Oh Easy Riders Show. I called each company and decided after talking with each to take a few days and go to Big Dog in Wichita. From the time I walked into the lobby I was treated like a valued customer. Rick Messer who was running sales spent the day with me showing me the small facility and explaining the Big Dog philosophy. I had the great pleasure to meet and talk with Shelton Coleman. Shelton is a real class act. Anyone that thinks he is just a RUB really needs to get a life. Shelton had a vision and made it a reality.
    I wish Big Dog well and hope they do pull threw, many of you don’t want to admit that companies like Big Dog lead with the fatter tires, high horse power motors and 6 speed transmissions now standard on your Harleys. Shelton told me he never saw his company being large like Harley, he just wanted to provide a quality custom alternative to what the factory offered. I think he did a pretty good job of it.

  40. 40 Jeff Reid Nov 16th, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    @Brian….just as in all business…you met them before they got too big for their britches!!!!!

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