Bonneville Motorcycle BUB Speed Trials. Part 1.

They all arrived from the 4 corners of the world and from almost all US States. On Saturday August 28th they were on the Salts of Bonneville, Utah to install their race setup,  to register and have their bikes inspected to participate to the 7th annual BUB Speed Trials dedicated to motorcycles looking to beat land speed records.

I was supposed to be there, but a last miinute issue preventing me to join on time for the celebration of the speed God. Still, many friends being on location, observing, racing, belonging to the supporting crews or reporting, I will be able to update you on breaking news. Racing was going on all yesterday and was seen on the track  Swiss Sport bike Legend Fritz Egli who has already powered his Suzuki Hayabusa Sidecar from last years 408 hp to 500+ hp to break his own 2009 Land Speed Record, Roger Goldammer, the Klock Werks family/teams, and many well known names. There was rain during last night Sunday to Monday),  with all racers being prevented to race this morning to prevent track damage, danger for the participants and damage to the machines. Friend Horst Roesler was on location at 6 AM and took for you these 2 wonderful alts pictures. To follow…

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