Breaking News. Jesse James Closing West Coast Choppers.

From a very reliable source I got confirmation that Jesse James is closing for good West Coast Choppers.

I am also able to officially announce that all Jesse James motorcycle frames and parts will be now manufactured respectively by Daytec and Belt Drive LTD (BDL) and available to order through Custom Chrome.

(picture copyright and courtesy Jesse James for Cyril Huze Blog)


101 Responses to “Breaking News. Jesse James Closing West Coast Choppers.”

  1. 1 Brad, Oct 24th, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    Sorry to see you go Jesse, I’m 48 years old and I can truly say I have someone to look up to. And that someone is you. I build bikes myself and just by watching you on you tube and the discovery channel I’ve picked up some good knowledge. Your bikes are like no other and they have the most radical look I’ve ever seen. I meant you back in 1997? at Daytona bike week before all the hype and the B.S. started in your life.

    I’m a welder by trade and I can bend metal with the best of them. Maybe one day you’ll get back in the biz and be the best again, until then, take care of yourself and NEVER forget where you came from,


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