Art-Deco License Plate Bracket

Curved license plate sidemount brackets are not new, but like with all motorcycle parts, a couple of new twists or in this case bends, and you get a totally new accessory.

I like the fact that it got an Art-Deco design blending perfectly with all old school looking motorcycles, a non aggressive bend and that its conception make it extremely sturdy. Of course, you will need to have your taillight installed somewhere else on your bike, but it’s the reason why this bracket looks so fluid.

This license plate bracket fastens to the lower shock bolt on almost any motorcycle with a 1.25″ x .50″ shock boss. (direct Harley-Davidson bolt-on). All steel construction, hand welded by the shop owner Andy Carter and chromed. Only $100.00.  (a vertical license tag is not public roads legal in all US States) Pangea Speed Shop.

Cyril Huze