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“Cyril, you’re more than correct about your place in the digital media universe. The “DashLink” launch on Oct 28 went viral, mostly from those who read the article in your website.

By Monday Nov 01, it was in Cape Town, South Africa, Greece, Germany, Japan, France and Italy. At the end of the day Monday, Nov 01 it was on the Wall Street Journal website.

“DashLink Docking Console” had 17,000 results by Nov 08 (many have rolled off now) I was blown away. My site traffic (also analyzed via Google Analytics) went from 36 countries to 81. Industry members not utilizing your site are really missing out. Thanks very much for the resource, accessibility and support.” Derik, Hells Foundry.

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  1. 1 csajokamotoron Jan 6th, 2011 at 9:36 am

    And Hungary… even if it is a very small country. 🙂

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