It turns Out It’s still The Best Friend Of Your Boots and Exhaust

Not new but worth reminding some of you that there is a simple solution to stop burning your boots and ruining your exhaust system.

The Turn-Out style Heel Guard is still the best solution because it works without interfering with any pedal functions, is installed in a few minutes and can save you a lot of aggravation.

It is now available for Harley-Davidson Softail Classic 2009 & up (in chrome) and Softail Cross Bones (black powdercoating) Manufactured with high-grade steel.

MSRP is &69.95 each with free shipping in the continental US. U. S. Patent 6,626,448 and 7,017,932. See complete line at Heel Guard or call 406-689-3102

2 Responses to “It turns Out It’s still The Best Friend Of Your Boots and Exhaust”

  1. 1 Wiz Feb 9th, 2011 at 9:55 am

    Damn, I shoulda patented that years ago! I came up with that idea to help handicapped riders keep their feet on the floorboards. I’m talkin’ thirty years ago! Another idea I came up with was using spiral-wound sealed batteries used for space industry in gound-based vehicles. Anybody remember “BATT-PAC” out of Austin,TX ? I used to advertize in SuperCycle, Easyriders, Biker Lifestyle, etc.I used a replica case of the old tall 6-volt battery used in Harley wrap-around oil tanks. The cells were sealed below with a stash compartment on top, complete with a dummy lid with fill caps ‘an terminals [ever see the movie “Easyrider, how they smuggled the coke across the border?]. Still got ’em only now they are called “AMP-PAC”s. I expierented with an electric-start version with taller cells [the size of tall boy beers] but figured the cost [about $250. bucks] was prohibitive. Anybody seen the Ultima car batteries? I blew it again! Oh well, money ain’t everything! Wiz

  2. 2 Wiz Feb 10th, 2011 at 8:12 am

    I must clarify something on the “Batt-Pacs”. It was started by Rick Nichols of Texas Frame Works fame [or infame, depending on your dealings with him]. The company was in the dumpster with a 70% return factor and money owed to alot of people. I took it over, redesigned them and reduced the return rate to 3%, paid off all his bills, and marketed them world-wide. He thought I was screwing him and came to my house with 3 other goons all carryin’ guns to take back the company. My 2-month old daughter and my handicapped wife were in the ajoining rooms and bullets could have gone right through the walls and hit them. So I gave him $500. [that was all there was in the account] and a few odds and ends and let him go. I was really mad that he would invade my home with guns when I welcomed him in and had nothing to hide from my business arrangement. I always wanted to find him again [one on one] and resolved the wrong he did to me. After moving back to South Dakota I would think about flying back down to Austin under an assumed name, buying a river gun [one with the numbers filed off ‘an you throw it in the river when yer done using it] and blowin’ his sorry ass away. I found out one year at Sturgis from Bud from Bud’s Motorcycle Shop that Mr. Nichols had blown his own head off with a 12-gauge shotgun. Kinda fitting I thought. Anywho I thought I should let you know that I did not start “Batt-Pac”. Wiz

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