New Ape Hanger Control Wiring By Legend Air Suspensions

Would it be nice if you could adjust your air suspension on the go from your ape hanger or custom handlebars? Well, Legend Suspension now offers a “plug and play” wiring extension to attach to your current pre-wired handlebar control system. This extends the handlebar control wiring to a total of about 86”, allowing plenty of length for event the tallest or widest of handlebars. Wiring is shrink-wrapped and can be run through the handlebars, so wiring stays neat and clean. The new extension can be added to Legend’s standard black or chrome handlebar control and to any diameter handlebar controls currently offered. This handlebar control wiring extension is sold $20. To learn more about this or any of Legend Air Suspension’s on-road or off-road products, contact, contact Legend Air Suspensions at 605-720-4202.

Cyril Huze