Custom Chrome Launches Jammer and Touring Catalogs

No doubt than during at least the last 5 years the motorcycle industry was forced to reshape around 2 big trends. 1- Baby-boomer bikers looking for the comfort and reliability that touring models provide. 2- All age categories, youngsters and gray beards discovering or rediscovering the charms classic motorcycle design. Manufacturers, builders, part vendors and distributors have noticed and are rapidly adapting to fill the needs of these 2 markets.

As a proof of our fast changing custom motorcycle industry Custom Chrome today announced that the v-twin aftermarket parts distributor will release stand alone versions of the famous Jammer Handbook and an all new Touring catalog. Both publications will be filled with parts and accessories aimed at the specific category noted, representing a nod to the past and a look to the future in motorcycle trends and buying habits.

With the Jammer Handbook, Custom Chrome is reaching back into the storied past of both companies with again releasing a Jammer catalog separate from the Custom Chrome main catalog. The Jammer Handbook was one of the industry’s original catalogs, being initially created during the customizing craze of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Today’s old school bike builder, dealer and owner will find the current version of the Handbook full of the classic aftermarket parts Jammer is known for as well as new parts with the same vibe, feel and look.

Also new for 2011 is the Custom Chrome Touring catalog. With the emergence of v-twin riders personalizing and customizing Harley Touring motorcycles, this new edition is packed full of parts and accessories that will make those long road miles seem shorter and more comfortable all the while allowing you to ride in style. Touring bike owners and dealers will find the new catalog a fantastic quick reference for Touring editions of “The World’s Finest Products for Harley-Davidsons”.

“We decided that Jammer should again have it’s own place in the market,” says CCI President and CEO Holger Mohr. “Our old school dealers kept asking for it and requesting their own copy of the Jammer Handbook, in short, we listened. We also paid attention to our customers who constantly require touring parts and accessories and frequently order parts for those bikes. We wanted to provide a smaller version of the main catalog but one that is focused on the parts being constantly ordering.”

Each catalog will be available for consumers to purchase at $5.99ea plus shipping and handling. To order, visit Jammer Cycle Products  or Custom Chrome..

1 Response to “Custom Chrome Launches Jammer and Touring Catalogs”

  1. 1 nicker Apr 27th, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    “… the motorcycle industry was forced to reshape around ….. Baby-boomer bikers looking for the comfort and reliability…”

    And looking for “stability” like trikes & quads. (not to mention going off into 4-wheel hot-rods).

    At some point the Boomer market will go into decline. By definition, it can’t expand. The question is simply a matter of Boomer demographics. As they mature into this curve, how many of-em will there be and will their retirement systems be able to support an industry.
    (certainly not under Social security)

    If O-bummer gets his way and gas prices follow Europe’s lead, the market should follow small displacement sporty-bikes and nostalgia cafe racers.
    Could play well with the budget conscious (entry level youngsters and fixed-incomers).

    Trust me, it’s a hell of a lot easier to maneuver an 40-inch triumph or a 600 4cylinder out of the hardware store parking space than a full up bagger or touring bike…….. 🙂


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