Viper Motorcycle Announces Absolute Investments as Distributor for the Middle East and India

Another motorcycle manufacturer is smelling gold in the Middle East & India. Viper Motorcycle Company, wholly owned division of Viper Powersports, Inc. just disclosed that it has signed Absolute Investments as its initial 2012 Platinum Overseas Distributor for the Middle East and India. Absolute Investments has offices in Dubai, UAE; Riyadh, KSA; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Tel Aviv, Israel; Rome, Italy; Moscow, Russia; and India. The 2011 Diamondback model is the third generation Super Cruiser of Viper Motorcycle Company. The heart of this production motorcycle is the Ilmor-Viper 152 cubic inch, all billet, short stroke V-Twin, producing unmatched torque and overall power.

John Silseth, CEO of Viper Powersports stated, “The Viper Diamondback is in a league of its own and we are setting up a worldwide distribution network to match. We are currently transforming our distribution network and are targeting demographically key dealers and distributors making Viper a truly worldwide brand.”

Don Hoffman, CEO of Absolute Investments had this to say about the Viper Diamondback(TM): “Before we represent any product, we purchase a unit and ride it like we stole it.” In regards to the Diamondback(TM) ,”This bike demanded respect from the moment the container was opened, but riding it made you a believer.” Viper Motorcycle Company.

5 Responses to “Viper Motorcycle Announces Absolute Investments as Distributor for the Middle East and India”

  1. 1 Larry Aug 30th, 2011 at 8:45 am

    They have a very small niche and they preemptied it.

  2. 2 Nobody Aug 31st, 2011 at 3:27 am

    “Before we represent any product, we purchase a unit and ride it like we stole it.”

    I’d like to see video of the CEO riding one of these into the ground..

    …. also acceptable: give me one and let me ride the sum’bitch til one of us breaks.

    smells of niche. Hope they’ve got a diversified portfolio else this is just another BigDog in the making.

  3. 3 Boomer Aug 31st, 2011 at 7:27 am

    152 inch V-Twin with 159 ft lbs of torque!! What a monster! I’d like to see some prices on the stand alone crate engine. Since it will fit into a Harley; does it make this a Harley clone performance motor or something else altogether?

    I do like that it”s oil and air cooled. Couple this with its Baker trans w/Rivera clutch, put it into a Dyna, and I bet the ride will bring lots of smiles.

    In going over the features it looks like the best of the best was put into the Diamondback model. The smart money would be to get one of these…but at what cost? $40k? More?

  4. 4 bigalyts Sep 1st, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    This Company seems like smoke and mirrors. Where has anybody ever, ever, ever seen one of these Vipers actually burning gas. I think these Dood’s are a division of Dewey, Cheetem & More. Sounds like this “Euro Dreamer” I mean Distributor, stopped over in Holland for a Pick Me Upper!

  5. 5 Fredp Sep 5th, 2011 at 10:39 am

    bigalyts: Viper reviews. 04/11 Am Iron, 02/2011 Dupont registry, 02/2011 Iron Works Mag, 04/2008 Am Iron Mag, for a start.
    I really believe the engine should be the subject here,though. If Viper uses their bike as a platform, and that Illmor engine were made more available, NO ONE will go back to other manufacturer’s engines. I’ve worked and ridden those bikes, before Illmor was involved. If doing a standing start, 3rd gear burnout don’t make you a believer,(which was AWESOME!) and hanging on for dear life from the accelaration, I don’t know what biker heaven is then!!!
    I hope the economy turns a bit for the Industry, but this bike, is without doubt, the best riding bike for an American -built cruiser I’ve ever been on. And AMERICAN is what it’s all about.

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