Cafe Racer Style 39 mm Clip-On Bars

Cafe Racer motorcycles were modified for speed and good handling rather than comfort. A signature trait were low, narrow handlebars that allowed the rider to “tuck in” to reduce wind resistance and offered better control when in that posture. Referred to as “clip-ons” they are a must accessory for all bikes mimicking the ergonomics of the raw, utilitarian and stripped-down appearance of the original Cafe Racers of the 60’s and 70.’

The RSD Clip-Ons mount to the front forks, below the top triple clamp and utilize all stock wiring, so there is no cutting or soldering. The aluminum bars are dimple milled to allow for stock wiring to cleanly exit your stock switch housings. • Adjustable to any pullback and any height between top and bottom triple clamps with a fixed 5 degree down angle. • Bars are 1″ diameter to accept stock or aftermarket hand controls and slotted for external wiring. Chrome or black anodized clamps with RSD Logo (interchangeable black or brass) on black bars. MSRP $214.95. At Drag Specialties or Roland Sands Design

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  1. 1 Doc Robinson Sep 8th, 2011 at 8:07 am

    Very cool. Somehow I see a set of these in my future.

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