New Year Resolution. +1 Google Button Under All Cyril Huze News.

Long time we should have done it. Too busy, but it’s never too late. For year 2012 we added the +1 Button under each of my articles.

For those who don’t know, +1 gets your conversations going, giving some kind of  public stamp of approval to your friends, contacts and the rest of the web. It helps you share right away the cool, helpful, outrageous or just plain ridiculous things I mention in my news, and helps others to find the best stuff on the web. Others will also read your comments and you might just start up another conversation…

You will also find your full list of +1’s in a special tab on your public Google profile if you have one, then you can send them to the right Circles on Google +. To summarize, like in real life, the +1 Button helps you to immediately recommend, share and find, but all over internet.

Cyril Huze