ThunderMax Performance for Harley-Davidson® EFI Trike Models

Funny to realize that trike owners erroneously think that what works for 2-wheel motorcycles will not necessarily work on their 3-wheelers…Regarding dramatically improving throttle response and overall performance, ThunderMax with AutoTune for Harley-Davidson® EFI Trike Models replaces the factory ECM with the user-friendly ThunderMax ECM.

Performance made simple: the included wide-band oxygen sensors provide real-time Air/Fuel Ratio feedback to ECM for automatic AFR corrections under all ambient conditions.  Along with automatic AFR tuning, the ThunderMax allows the trike owner to simply adjust idle speed, rev limit, ignition timing, deceleration pop control, starting and acceleration pump fuel, speedometer calibration and more.  The versatile ThunderMax allows live tuning, monitoring and recording, reads and logs diagnostic codes. See your favorite dealer or contact Zipper’s Performance Products at 410.579.2828 or visit Thunder-Max

1 Response to “ThunderMax Performance for Harley-Davidson® EFI Trike Models”

  1. 1 Rogue Feb 29th, 2012 at 8:31 am

    I have been using a ThunderMax on my 2009 FLHTC for over 30,000 miles and I am very happy with it. I noticed a very strong increase in performance from the day it was installed.
    One thing I like is that it tunes itself as I ride it and does so all over the country.
    I just changed the exhaust and all I had to do was go on my laptop and let the program know what changes I made and then down load the information into the ECM.
    The money that is saved by not having to use a dyno every time a change is made to the engine is enormous.
    Using one on a trike and or other Harley has to be a winner.

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