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Conrad Nicklus Funeral Arrangements. A Celebration of the Life of Conrad Nicklus Memorial Service will be held on Sunday, July 22, 2012 starting at 3 pm at the Forest Park Funeral Home and Cemetery at 18000 I-45 South, The Woodlands, Texas 77384  936-273-4922 At the conclusion of the services a reception will be held. For those wishing to attend the memorial service and coming from out of state, Bereavement Travel Program can locate special airfares for you. Please call: 1-800-224-4177 and use the Reference Code: 4922

California Outlaws Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints. Under the pretext of increasing safety and of curbing fatalities New-York was the first state to implement “Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints”. These controls spread to other states like Georgia. Challenged as being unconstitutional, these selective traffic stops have been abandoned where they were conducted. California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a law now banning any motorcycle-only checkpoints in his State.

Audi’s Purchase of Ducati Approved By Antitrust Authorities. Audi has eliminated the final obstacle en route to the start of a shared future with Ducati. During a visit at the Ducati factory in Bologna, Italy Audi President said that “there are many joint opportunities with high-performance engines, lightweight manufacturing and the skilled interplay between the 2 strong brands Audi & Ducati on the global stage. Both companiescan now benefit from being part of one big family, the Volkswagen Group.” He added that his most important message to Ducati workers consists of three words, and you have my guarantee: Ducati remains Ducati.”

UK Battistinis Custom Cycles Is Closing Bike Building Business. Founded in 1990 by Mark Battistini and brothers and based in Bournemoth, south of England, the bike shop was building upscale bikes, making its own custom parts and distributing others, mainly from the US to Europe and also had a tattoo parlor. Mark Battistini has decided to focus his business exclusively on online parts sales and is closing all other activities.

Detroit Brothers Custom Cycles Is moving From Michigan To California. The shop was supposed to moved to Ventura, California but no news since the custom shop made this announcement. During this time David Kwiatkowski who used to co-own Detroit Bros opened the Sugar House in Corkstown, Michigan, am establishment serving classic cocktails in a traditional pre-Prohibition bar setting… Detroit Bros had their time of fame in 2010 on television with the short-lived Discovery Channel series “Motor City Motors.” The show lasted 13 episodes.

Hells Angels Annual USA Run In Spearfish July 25-29. Up to 1,200 people, including 400-600 club members, are expected to attend. “We expect them to follow the rules that the citizens do in this area for 365 days out of the year. As long as they follow those rules, there shouldn’t be any issues,” Police Lt. Curt Jacobs said. The South Dakota Highway Patrol will have extra troopers in the area, and other law agencies will help patrol the area, Jacobs said. The Hells Angels are used to this. Anytime they have their USA Run they know that law enforcement is going to beef up their numbers in that area.

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  1. 1 Mike Greenwald Jul 18th, 2012 at 9:04 am

    It will be real interesting to watch Lt. Curt Jacobs selectively enforce laws, regulations, etc. Seems the police only motorcycle gangs will get a pass to intimidate and shoot people as well as steal more motorcycles this year.

    California has the new law. Really, a transfer of power to the counties to run the stops as they see fit. Watch for Federal funds to filter through to the counties.

  2. 2 highrpm Jul 18th, 2012 at 9:17 am

    lots of cheap labor here in ventura, the homeless oldies capital of america. hell, i’ll work for 2/hr; course mybrain is fried with an effective iq of 50.

  3. 3 Kirk Perry Jul 18th, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    From alcohol. It does that. tee-hee 🙂 But, don’t tell anyone ….. less competition climbing your ladder. Keep drinking alcohol California!
    Note: Seen on a billboard in Hemet, CA (flatland and expansive) A woman’s wrist holding a huge glass of Red Wine and a message that read loud and clear (if you wanna-sanctioned excuse) …. “Got Jesus?”.
    🙂 yea, more alcohol for California. Drink up!

  4. 4 Rogue Jul 19th, 2012 at 6:53 am

    It appears you have been paying attention to what has gone on in Sturgis in the past.
    Many people do not realize the criminal activities some of the Cop Motorcycle Gangs are involved in.
    Law Enforcement would do well to Clean Up Their Own Before they Go After Others of course that is Not Going to Happen because of the Blue Line that officers do not want to cross and that is informing on those within their ranks that violate the law they are all suppose to uphold.

  5. 5 Rodent Jul 19th, 2012 at 8:40 am

    The cops alway over react to justify their existence !

  6. 6 Mike Greenwald Jul 19th, 2012 at 8:54 am

    Shootings, thefts, intimidations, grand larcenies by law enforcement/government employees are documented. All of these things have become part of the Sturgis experience. Many of these government sanctioned criminals are funded by special motorcycle/motorcyclist taxes orassessments in the name of awarenes and safety.

    Interesting to note is the strong participation, promotion and involvement by attorneys. I suppose that these government gangs provide more motorcyclist clients as a renewable resource for their law businesses. I also note that some of these attorneys are now in the Hall of Fame. Will contributions buy you a place on the wall in the Hall of Fame? Special section for them in the offing?

    One possible solution might be a meeting place for the aforementioned Bar members and government operatives. I would think that changing the sign from Easyriders to Sleazyriders would be easy enough.

  7. 7 DJ Jul 20th, 2012 at 5:08 am

    Motor City Motors was the worst show ever. It caused me never look at The Bros work the same way again. It is interesting that they are moving to CA since everyone else is leaving because of the custom bike laws. I wonder if they are going to spend anytime in Hollywood with their old buddy Russell Mitchell? That is where they got their start

  8. 8 Kirk Perry Jul 25th, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    ~ 31/47/50 ~ The Combination that opens a Magic Carpet Ratio for Knuckle & Pan ~

    Originally introduced to the “Re-pop (Here’s how Harley woulda’ done it) Nation”, by AMCA oem Paint Guru, John Pierce of Color-Wright – this sprocket is THE keystone element that SATISFIES that “where’s a 5th gear when I need it?” angst with a stock Harley 4-spd transmission, and now encourages 3rd gear to go on forever – or down so low that it seems to create “6-cyl. (216) Chevy valve float” and the motor go stealthidly-silent.
    In the neighborhood of under * $100.00 (shipped). Knuckle and Panheads use part # 901-50 and you may order them direct from Sandy @

    * Unfortunately, as is often the case, the “garage-mechanic” is ahead of the 1936-59 OHV industry that tries to support them.
    Since you and I are the only ones that know about this ratio-combination, the industry has no “bare, painted & drilled drums” to sell you – nothing but 51-T sprockets attached to drums that you’ll have to grind the rivets off-of to install the 50-T. And, the industry will still be in denial over this 50-T for the next 5-yrs. before they can ever be made in Taiwan.

    While these sprockets are aluminum, they are reported to get 5,000 miles of wear. I have 1,500 miles on one and once the chain sets in to the teeth, the wear slacks-off.
    Marking the “link and tooth” positions would be prudent in keeping the wear pattern the same, if the chain were removed for any reason.

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