Sturgis Buffalo Chip Welcomes Warrior Foundation

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip®, a longtime supporter of the military is pleased to welcome the Warrior Foundation to the Buffalo Chip® during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The Warrior Foundation was founded to assist, honor and support military men and women who have bravely served and sacrificed for our country. The Warrior Foundation display will include the “Warrior Chopper” bike build that is being built by 5 Marines that were wounded in action. The public is invited to the Buffalo Chip Military Tribute Day on Thursday August 9, 2012 to visit the Warrior Foundation display, meet the brave Marines that are building the amazing custom bike and learn more about the Warrior foundation. See more details and information at Buffalo Chip.

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  1. 1 Vintage Twin Jul 31st, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    That’s great news to hear… because it’s only July 31st 🙂

    It’s going to take some time for people (like myself) to get use to being around someone

    with a high-tech prosthetic and not stare at it’s performance.

    The more people see devi’s in operation, the faster they’ll blend-without-staring. But, that’s

    a slow absorption rate at present. So push the envelope of awareness like you’re doing.

    Welcome back ! 🙂

  2. 2 Vintage Twin Aug 1st, 2012 at 1:47 am

    Navy League/Warrior Foundation
    2115 Park Blvd.
    San Diego, CA 92101
    Hey!…This is a Dago Op! I’m Nav-Vet !… “berthed” @ the VA La Jolla/UCSD complex. The VA loves me. I was a “Hep-C program poster boy”….. it’s in the stars. Dude!

    I have probably the only V-Twin ’54-57 rigid raw-frame in existence today, that’s mechanically perfect, except the rear tank/seat-T bracket that needs to have the weld beads ground-out and the bracket moved back 1/4”.
    Stett knows about it. Can do. So ride with us here and see if this makes any sense:

    Plus, I have in stock, a set of ’49-59 (16 bearing) fork cups (Mark Blankenship made – AMCA guy), and raw, Taiwan, 1954, 3.5 gallon near-replica tanks, and a cast aluminum front brake cover (backing plate). Starting parts that the Wounded Warrior’s can build into a replica 1954 OHV Big Twin (w/ Genuine Taiwan (repop) OEM Harley-Davidson script on the tanks. Legal as a beagle doll face. 🙂 My replica Panhead has 1,500 miles on it. So well in tune, that I can retard the spark, turn on the ignition, blow on it and it and the motor will start. 🙂 🙂 Yeahh buddy!

    Wounded Warrior needs to give me their VA credit card number, that I can add to my V-Twin dealer account. I’ll sell the W.W. all the stock I have on hand, at list price, (the frame alone would evaporate on ebay quickly were I too “sell it”) and I’ll order only what you need from Tedd Cycle on the VA credit card, so there will be an exact accounting of money spent. If I charge retail price for the parts, I’ll consider that to be my compensation for the time & effort. You need to pay Stett to help you with the bracket re-positioning.

    No one on the planet knows more about building a REPOP replica 1951-53 Panhead than I do. That’s a fact. If I have a problem, we have Stett. Take a close look at Stett’s storefront. There’s a couple shops to the right of his, and his wall-neighbor is cool. We can probably get him to move his tat-shop down one space and knock-out part of the rear side-wall to build WW a shop of their own, with an in-house TiG and metal man. The landlord owns the entire 400 block+, of El Cajon Blvd.

    This is the right thing to pursue. We have all the elements.
    • It has to be build my way.
    You can paint it any color you want, but it has to have a reliable 61A generator, 6 Volt lighting, voltage regulator, custom oil filter bracket, and Cheng-Shin 5:00 x 16 tires. Foot clutch or mousetrap your option.
    • The motor is a new, complete, mint condition STD crankcase, with STD heads, Bendix carb, 7″ air cleaner, pictured on page 79, Vol. 1, exactly as you see it. (exh. ports sealed). Perfect condition, but no relay boss. I have a relay boss, but to weld it on means emersion of the entire motor in oil, so as not to heat-warp the cam cover.
    I have an OEM timer in the motor that can’t get past the STD late model fins. If Stett can free-hand grind relief into the bottom 3-fins for the timer to exit, then I can put a Mallory or automatic distributor in it’s place. Else wise, I’d have to remove the heads. Don’t want to, but would.
    • We need to build-by-Skype. A screen here in my study and a screen at Stett’s, so I can reach over and smack ya’ if you try to “go it alone” and go “off the rails” from the “plan”.
    • We have a painter and plating shop that picks up from the shop.
    • Can you dig it? Then move on it.

  3. 3 Vintage Twin Aug 1st, 2012 at 10:48 am

    See? We’re still alive out here!
    Question: Hey Bruce!
    Is Motorbooks ever going to reprint the Restoration manual? – Kirk


    Answer: Hi Kirk,

    MBI is out of the picture. It had to be settled legally because of the
    way things were handled by them the past few year and because they
    refused to bring the book up to date.

    I am working on the 2nd
    Edition and will be going the self-publishing route. It will still be
    printed offset with perfect binding here in the US. I now wear the hat
    of writer, layout man, and editor. It is slow going so I do not have a
    to-print date other than ASAP.


    Bruce Palmer, III

  4. 4 Vintage Twin Aug 1st, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    Uhh… I don’t think my last post stuck, since it had YouTube link, but… I told the Taiwan Cultural Exchange embassy in L.A. about the WW program in conjunction with the Stett thing and the lady was jazzed. She’s looking around her office for a modern video camera to send us for episode #3.

  5. 5 Vintage Twin Aug 1st, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    Stett’s in.

    “The neighbor to the right of us is “installed”… there’s no way we’re going to get him to move.. (pause)…. but there’s some other open real estate on the block… I’ll look around. Keep me up to date on any progress”.

  6. 6 Vintage Twin Aug 2nd, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    Now it’s up to the actual wounded warrior individuals to decide if they want to build Taiwan/USA replica OHV knuckles & pans here in El Cajon, CA for export to the “Mainline 49” states that still allow “year of replication” emissions exemptions.
    We can start that now and carve out a platform for other WW and you can’t do it without myself and Sett. We’d be using as many hardened Taiwan parts as possible: pistons, rings, and anything Taiwan parts that Stett trusts.
    We spoke a list of parts made in Taiwan with the embassy in a 40 minute phone call Aug.1, 2012. They seemed enthusiastic about participating in some way with the WW bike-build program.
    It’s a two-fold salvo.
    1. The wounded warriors get mixed with the non-wounded Americans.
    2. We prove Taiwan makes “USA/Japan” quality, replacement antique motorcycle parts and are proud to do so.
    The problem is the “small, but enthusiastic min-manufacturers that use valuable resources and tie up production runs with poor or no plans. (The embassy, in conversation, looking for the correct word said “…plans…”, but I interjected with “blueprints”, and “Yes”, she said, “Exactly!”.
    Moral of the story, Taiwan’s shoulder a bum-rap for American stupidity for 35 years. (i.e; some poor devils invested a ton of money into making a 27265-49A Throttle Lever Arm, which has an off-set to clear the top motor mount nut on a Panhead, but they made the lever like a 27267-49 lever without the off-set bend. That part was 45.00 (dealer), and there wasn’t enough metal provided to bend your own off-set. JUNK. Not Taiwan. American “alcoholic engineers”. Ditto for the China/Taiwan (DM) knuckle cylinders exploding. Was most often the rear cyln., the hottest, and hotter from an manifold air intake leak that no one ever had a tester for until 2008. Not the cast iron (although, recently to satisfy complaints of mechanics, “they, unknown” simply took more metal out of the exterior cylinder wall around the base nuts so a wrench would fit in there. Reports of bottom fracturing is showing up. Did the Americans attempt to “repair and existing mold?” If so, bad business reports a NY mfg. source.

  7. 7 Vintage Twin Aug 2nd, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    In otherwords, what the VA needs ask their “veteran-investing-VA-self” is, how much would

    a Wounded Warrior “Perry-Stettler” upswept shotgunned, road-worthy, (Parkered)

    knuckle-glide bring at auction or on ebay, from ANY number of “Gee, I always wanted a

    turn-key classic” wealthy veterans across America, not to mention the patriots overseas?

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