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Tax Revenue From Sturgis Rally Is Up.  Overall tax revenue from this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is up 4.9 percent compared to this time last year. Total revenue from the sales tax and tourism tax collected so far during the rally period is $1,183,042, compared to $1,127,552 a year ago. The South Dakota Revenue Department reports that tax revenues from this year’s rally will continue to be collected over the next few weeks, even though the rally officially ended Aug. 12.

The Harley-Davidson Vehicle Assembly Plant in Kansas City Annual Open House Will Celebrate its 15th Anniversary. The event marks 15 years since Harley-Davidson Motor Company began construction on its facility in the Northland. Harley-Davidson chose to locate a new vehicle assembly plant in Kansas City and began construction on the 400,000-square-foot facility in 1997 to meet ever-growing customer demand for its motorcycles. The first Sportster motorcycle assembled in Kansas City was completed in January of 2008. Since then, additional assembly lines for the Dyna and VRSC model families and the Revolution Powertrain have been added. The plant currently employs approximately 800 people.The FULL BOAR Harley-Davidson Factory Open House is Friday and Saturday, Sept. 7 and 8, 2012, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the company’s Kansas City facility, 11401 N. Congress Ave. Admission is free. Self-guided Harley-Davidson factory tours allow visitors of all ages to see where Harley-Davidson dreams are made. Harley will offer Demo rides on the compete lineup of new 2013 Harley-Davidson motorcycles (valid motorcycle license required.)One lucky person will win a new 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster Seventy-Two motorcycle. Raffle tickets are $5 each at the event, with all proceeds benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The live drawing is at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 8. You do not need to be present to win.

Norton Gains USA EPA & CARB. Approvals. Norton Motorcycles successfully completed the durability and emission testing for its Commando 961 series of motorcycles. With the Certification Lab’s successful completion and compliance report, the challenging technical testing portion of the approval process for the U.S. and Canadian of the Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer, 961 Sport and 961 SE models has concluded. Next steps are now approval from three federal and state government agencies: NHSTA’s safety and compliance documentation, plus the certification testing review and processing by the U.S. EPA and the California Air Resources Board. Norton is now ready to begin production of U.S. and Canadian 2013 models.


5 Responses to “Fast Motorcycle Industry News”

  1. 1 Rodent Aug 29th, 2012 at 8:25 am

    Bring on the “Snortin Nortons”, yeah!

  2. 2 BigWave916 Aug 29th, 2012 at 8:57 am

    “The first Sportster motorcycle assembled in Kansas City was completed in January of 2008. Since then, additional assembly lines for the Dyna and VRSC model families and the Revolution Powertrain have been added.”

    A bit misleading since VROD assembly and Revolution Powertrain production began in 2001. I believe Dyna Glides moved from York around 2004 and then the Sportsters.

  3. 3 nicker Aug 29th, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    “…Norton is now ready to begin production of U.S. and Canadian 2013 models….”

    Bring on more light, torquey parallel twins………… 🙂


  4. 4 Iron Horse Sep 1st, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    Norton’s certification for the US and Canada is great news…now I just have to check my piggie bank to see how many more $$ I need to get my name on the list for one.

  5. 5 Kirk Perry Sep 5th, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    ~ Harley early-Iron Literature has slipped to the depths of O-blivion ~

    🙂 Where’d everybody go?
    • Herbert Wagner is completely dedicated to 1900-1903 and lives (lived) in a remote cabin in Wisconsin.
    • Alan Girdler, Girdler/Hacket, Wagner/Mitchell, Hatfield, David K. Wright, all wrote and didn’t write again.
    • The parts house Kick-Start has no internet access, nor has ever had plans to or will use it as a tool ….. even to lurk on their “customer base” and be, if nothing else, “an observer”, [which is what Bill Kennedy (O’side) at one time suggested “we” were resigned to these days (circa 1994)]. A main, small parts info base for what-fits-what and they avoid the internet entirely.
    • Bruce Palmer III, is 100% USA print-bound-determined. I told him Regent Publishing Services in Hong Kong managed ours, what and why, I charged for books, and where the money went, and imparted book sense to a “newby” self-publisher.
    Never heard a word back from him.
    Whomever is closest to him, should convince him to print an “addendum book” of “first edition corrections instead” and soon – instead of a tedious-gonna-take-years-to-total re-write that 640 page tome. Tell him we DON’T CARE if the addendum/book is printed in China or the USA, just get something perfect-bound and get it on Amazon yesterday.
    • I’m still here with my dependable little bbphp site, and an upcoming Sony production that will focus on the procedures of corking the crankcase of an OEM knuckle motor (hidden & reversible), and give those contemplating doing so, support. Supporting the people that invested in the book(s). The prices will stay the same.
    • What’s the AMCA doing to get people on to old or reproduction old iron? The Cannonball? What else?

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