Dennis Kirk Releases A 1200-Page Parts Catalog

kirkMost retail parts’ catalogs of the motorcycle industry are released between December and February. But because of printing and shipping costs, each year fewer are printed and most have already been switched to a digital PDF version to be accessed or downloaded on line.

For 2013, Dennis Kirk is one of the few in the motorcycle business still proposing a huge printed catalog of 1200 pages, but offering at the same time the digital version, both FREE of charge.

The catalog includes Harley-Davidson custom parts from Drag Specialties, Vance & Hines, Küryakyn, etc. Dennis Kirk states that all parts referenced in the 1200-page catalog are fully stocked in their warehouse and promises same-day shipping on all orders placed by 8:00 PM CST, with orders over $100 shipped to your door FREE of charge!

To get your catalog shipped free to your door, call 1-800-970-2308 or log on to Dennis Kirk.

3 Responses to “Dennis Kirk Releases A 1200-Page Parts Catalog”

  1. 1 Rodent Jan 3rd, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    Isn’t Dennis Kirk the retail branch of Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited all under the umbrella of the LeMans Corp?

  2. 2 I hate greedy distributors... Jan 4th, 2013 at 11:50 am

    Yes Rodent.
    Wouldn’t it be great it we could all pay distributor pricing, but funnel the product up the line and get ALL the points from retail and dealer? $222.50 of profit on a $500.00 item, so the manufacturer makes $75 and LeMans makes 3 times that.

  3. 3 Just a Nobody Now Jan 4th, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    Thanks Fred Fox. It was great returning from Christmas vacation and finding out the business I worked for was going out of business.

    LeMans and The MAG GROUP have become the small shop owners worst nightmare. I don’t quite know where the mentality is that you can become both my distributor AND my fiercest competitor. You wouldn’t set me up to sell me parts in the 80’s unless I jumped through all your hoops but now you will sell to both me and my customers. How do I justify the discount that you give MY customers? How do I explain the electric bill and the salary of the employees when you will just box it the hell up and send it to them with no questions asked AND a hefty discount?

    Few customers get the “I provide you with value that you don’t get over the internet” line anymore. They don’t care – what they care about is that they can pay their bills and still have $$ left for their luxury (or for some, necessity) transportation/hobby/passion/release valve. I know my paycheck was smaller this week and I know all my customers paychecks were as well. (Oh, oops, former customers. After 25 years I don’t have a job in the motorcycle industry anymore, still hasn’t sunk in I guess.)

    Thanks again Fred.

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