What’s New From Metzeler In 2013? Marketing Director Chris Wall Answers My Questions.

metzeler1During this last decade in particular, all over the world, the number of miles ridden on Metzeler tires has sharply increased. More recently, the company was extremely successful with its ME880 Marathon model offering a better “Ridexperience” than the tires provided on factory motorcycles. Metzeler is also a favorite of the best Custom Motorcycle Builders for the range of sizes offered and the beauty of their tire designs. Receiving an invitation for the announcement of a new Metzeler model on February 2 during the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo, I could not resist asking North America Metzeler Tire Marketing Director Chris Wall to give me the exclusivity of some advance information before the big launch.

Cyril. So you have a new product to tell me about.

Chris. Yes, and I think your site is the best place to create some interest though I have to be careful not to give away too much information. We are launching it officially at the upcoming V-Twin show in Cincinnati. The big launch will be on Saturday night Feb. 2nd at 6pm at the industry party held in the convention center right after the show closes.

Cyril. I know my readers, both regular bikers and custom builders are very interested. Tell me as much as you can.

Chris. Well, as you and most of your readers know, the Metzeler ME880 has become the number 1 premium replacement tire for Harley Davidson’s and metric cruisers. Our customers made this happen over the last decade by word of mouth. These guys and gals ride in groups. You get one biker slapping on a pair of Metzeler’s and he is telling everyone how amazing his bike handles better now. Anyway, we need to evolve and we always are eyes and ears open to find the next trend. It just so happens that the trend is that they still want performance, but now mileage has become very important as well. Some say it’s the economy, and I think that is part of it. But the fact that people really, really ride their bikes these days is a factor. Trailer Weeks are becoming Bike Weeks again…

metzeler2Cyril. So what is the new tire?

Chris. Our new tire is called the ME888 Marathon Ultra. Around the office we started calling it the “Triple 8”. Without giving away too much, this tire took a little while to develop, but our engineers refused to give us a compromise. This tire is going to deliver Ultra miles, but it remains a Metzeler with class leading wet and dry grip, high speed stability, wear regularity, etc.. All of those things that put the Metzeler brand on the V-Twin map.

Cyril. What about sizes?

Chris. I can tell you that we have fitments for the new touring HD models including popular alpha-numeric sizes like MT90 & MU85. 10 new sizes in all and more coming in 2014.

Cyril. What else can you tell me without getting into trouble?

Chris. I am going to send you a few photos. One is a sneak peek of the tire and the other is from our testing department. These gentlemen absolutely hammer these tires on the street and on the track, day after day until they are satisfied that we have a product that is ready to go to market. I thought your readers would get a kick out of Salvo in his leathers. This guy is the head of testing and was an Italian road racing champion. Oh … and yes we test V-Twin tires both on the street and the race track. These tires are put through the preverbal ringer.

For those who don’t know: Metzeler is a 150-year old German company that started to produce automotive and motorcycle tires in 1892. After 1979 Metzeler focused only on motorcycle tires. 

36 Responses to “What’s New From Metzeler In 2013? Marketing Director Chris Wall Answers My Questions.”

  1. 1 Greeko Jan 27th, 2013 at 9:43 am

    Building bikes I always preferred Metzeler to Avon.

  2. 2 Ray Shaft Jan 27th, 2013 at 9:46 am

    Choosing a tire is always very difficult. Except the very bad brands that everybody know, how to decide? A little bit like engine oils. I guess, image is everything, reason why sponsoring racing and custom builders are very important for major brands like Metzeler, Pirelli, Avon, Dunlop, etc.

  3. 3 hk Jan 27th, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    im sure you cant tell us here ,but any hints to a 26 inch ? Ill be at the vtwin expo so i guess ill see for myself but maybe you can let me know if its worth making a trip to his booth .

  4. 4 denis theberge Jan 27th, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    2009 started of with dunlop…bad bad no mileage on my 240…got some metz…awsome ride performance and great mileage for a fat tire..love them and now even better..great work folks….m.l.r.denis.

  5. 5 Nobody Jan 27th, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    I’ll be trying Metz next time I need to replace the tyres. I’m on my 2nd set of Dunlops and they have the same issues as the first set as far as handle and feel.

  6. 6 Jusmecuz Jan 27th, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    almost tried the ME880 tires, but decided to give the Michelin commander II a try. The difference between the oem dunlops and the commander II was night and day….like riding a diff bike. Mileage now is @ 6200 (front and rear) and BOTH still look like the day I put em on. NEVER even came close to that with the Dunlops. Bike is a Dyna Streetbob, by way.

    Everyone has their own preference when it comes to tires and results vary depending on bike and riding style. Interested to see how the new metzelers do.

  7. 7 courtney Jan 28th, 2013 at 1:05 am

    Agree with Jusmecuz. I needed Dunlop back tire replacement @ just over 5000 miles. Went with Michelin Commander II’s and 3000 miles later no discernible wear on either tire. And they ride very well, if not better than stock Dunlops. Metz tires gonna need to be awesome to beat these….

  8. 8 Josh Jan 28th, 2013 at 1:21 am

    always go with 880’s on all my bikes. Love those tires

  9. 9 Roger Jan 28th, 2013 at 4:50 am

    Also running Metzeler after a bad experience with Dunlop. So far, like them, but have only 800 miles on them. Like the tread pattern, too.

  10. 10 J. Hamilton Jan 28th, 2013 at 4:53 am

    Anyone knowing about an independent study comparing tires used on same model of bike for the same distance in the same road conditions? Does it exist?

  11. 11 Bruce Reynard Jan 28th, 2013 at 4:55 am

    Metzeler = German engineering & quality.

  12. 12 Dan Moore Jan 28th, 2013 at 7:20 am

    I’m sure the Metzeler is a fine tire but I’ll stay with Dunlops. No, not the factory tires, but the Elite III’s. They handle well for me and last much longer than the factory tire. And most importantly, at least to me, they are indeed Made In America. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, they’re the only motorcycle tires Made In America.

  13. 13 Calif Phil Jan 28th, 2013 at 8:43 am

    What Dan said. I agree completely .

  14. 14 Shifter Jan 28th, 2013 at 8:47 am

    Dunlop. American and not so great. Metzeler. Foreign and excellent. Make your choice!

  15. 15 Fred Jan 28th, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Put Metz 880’s on a couple years ago and my turning radius became tighter as my confidence in the tires rose. They have a customer for life.

  16. 16 Royal Phucknuckle Jan 28th, 2013 at 9:13 am


    May the very next American job to be lost overseas be yours.

  17. 17 A 1 CYCLES INC. Jan 28th, 2013 at 9:19 am


  18. 18 Vince Jan 28th, 2013 at 9:40 am

    Metz are pretty good tires, but I prefer the AVON over any other tires, Style and Performance is unmatched.. Been riding on them for over 15 years and never an incident. Funny thing though, if you look at the design of this Metz tire, looks an awful lot like an AVON.. 😉

  19. 19 Shifter Jan 28th, 2013 at 10:08 am

    Royal Phucknuckle. Of course, buy American each time it’s a good product. But explain to me how buying a bad American product can help America? Nothing resists to the forces of good and honest competition. About me? I am self employed since I am 25 yo. 30 years later, I am in business and doing very fine. No chance that my job will be outsourced. I picked the right job and export internationally.

  20. 20 Shaz Jan 28th, 2013 at 10:46 am

    I run Metzeler 880’s on every bike I own and install tires on. Great tires, only issues I’ve ever seen are the random bubbling in the tires (which at one point was a recall). I get a ton of mileage out of the standard 880 already on my bagger, can’t wait to see if the Ultra/Triple still handles as good with extended mileage.

    Would love to buy American, and always do so long as it’s the best choice. Like @Shifter said, just because it’s made in USA doesn’t make it good. I can’t put a lesser quality TIRE on my bike(s) just to say I bought American. All my parts are American, my tires = best quality I can buy regardless of origin.

    ride it like a Hooligan!!!

  21. 21 Ruth Jan 28th, 2013 at 11:05 am

    Like my Metz’s. Avon: all show, no go.

  22. 22 loki Jan 28th, 2013 at 11:20 am

    Ran a set of Me880’s on my King once. Handling was unmatched. Really dug ’em. That is until the back was completely worn out at 5k. Put too many miles on my ride to afford that kind of mileage. Changed to Elite Three’s and never looked back. Triple 8’s really intrigue me. If they have the same performance characteristics as the Me880, a reasonable prince and longevity to boot; I would buy them in a heartbeat.

  23. 23 Kevin Boyle Kustoms Jan 28th, 2013 at 11:26 am

    saw the tire …felt the tire …and ALL I sell at my shop is metzie’s so …lets see the next gen tire brings for mileage…my normal customers get 11-13,500 miles on a 150 x 16″ me 880 now!

  24. 24 Ronnie Jan 28th, 2013 at 11:28 am

    Good teaser, Cyril

  25. 25 Wahlegator Jan 28th, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    Love the 880s ! Rain grooves disappeared, Dunlops suck.

  26. 26 Eddie Trotta Jan 28th, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    I run metzeler’s on every bike I build except they
    Haven’t come out with a 26″ tire yet , I’m sure
    Their big deal will have something to do with them intro’in a 23 , but lets get with it Chris
    , go for it , we need a great big
    26″ metzeler tire

  27. 27 PJ Hyland Jan 28th, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    The Metzler 880’s are a definite improvement over the Dunlop’s, which come standard on Harley-Davidsons. However, experience has taught me that similar Avon Tyre (not a typo) models are more comfortable, better handling and comparable in the wear category to the Metzler’s. I run an Avon Venom front and an Avon Storm ST Sport Touring Radial AV 56 rear. While my Deuce was never designed with handling in mind, it out performs other Harleys, I encounter, in the canyons.

    If you’re genuinely concerned about handling, comfort and mileage, you’ll consider improving the suspension in your front end by up-grading the spring element and adding Race Tech Cartridge Emulators to your forks. Each of the numerous options available to up-grade the performance of your rear suspension will also get you a significant improvement. I use Progressive shocks on my Softail. They’re adjustable, stable and cost-effective. And no, I don’t happen to have endorsement deals with any of the products mentioned in this text.

    One last thought. If I put 10,000 miles per year on my bike and I spend $230 to purchase a rear tyre and have it mounted and balanced (Wheel Works in Garden Grove, CA) and get 10,000 miles as opposed to 12,000 miles out of a “high-mileage” skin, that means it will have cost me right around $50 per year to run the better handling, more comfortable model. I don’t know; for me that’s a more than an acceptable trade-off.

  28. 28 Rob Jan 28th, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    The Metzler should be a good tire,they’ve had over a year to copy the Avon Cobra……………………..

  29. 29 Josh Parker Jan 28th, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    Rob. Simply not true. Far from being a copy.

  30. 30 Yank Jan 29th, 2013 at 2:03 am

    I had used the metzler 880 marathons and they would alway cup on me. Always checked the tire pressure too. I run avons now and they have been great! I think a 120 70 21 inch front wide white wall would be a great addition

  31. 31 Vince Jan 29th, 2013 at 11:48 am

    Rob…. WELL SAID! AVON Cobra series tires are the leader in design, performance, wear characteristics, and longevity.
    Dunlop’s are a thing of the past. Metz are ok, but hands down the best tires would be Avon Cobras.

  32. 32 FXDX805 Jan 30th, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Wether is Metz, Dunlops or Avons, I cant get more than 5000 out of a rear and 7000 out of a front.

  33. 33 Bud Jan 31st, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Try running the correct air pressure.

  34. 34 Tony Jan 31st, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    Would take a lot to take me away from Michelin – they’ve never let me down yet unfortunately I can’t say the same about Metzlers

  35. 35 bobs56 Jan 31st, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    I find the metz tires to be overly expensive. Just sayin….

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