2013 Daytona Bike Week Bike Shows

bikeshowbisThere may be other shows outside Daytona, Some in Deland & Orlando. These 4 are the most attended by the public and show bike owners and builders.

1- Official Harley-Davidson Show. Wednesday March 13. The Motor Company has partnered with American Iron Magazine and Motorcycle Bagger for this bike competition that will take place on Beach Street Wednesday, March 13. Registration will be from 9:00 a.m. to noon with a $10 donation going to MDA. Trophies and cash prizes will be awarded at 4 p.m. in 11 classes with five Editors’ Pick winners

2- Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time Event. Thursday March 14. Now a Daytona tradition, more than a bike show, a must stop by to meet with your friends that you could not find in Daytona. Yes, they will be there. Competitors arrive with their bikes between 10 & 11 am, and visitors park across for free across the street. The only bike show/competition where you can leave with a new tattoo (you need to reserve your spot) Trophies around 4 pm. Willie’s Tropical Tattoo. 825 S Yonge St (US1) in Ormond Beach, FL 32174. (386) 672-1888.


3- The Baddest Bagger Daytona Show. Friday March 15. Destination Daytona Pavilion – All Day! 1635 N US 1, Ormond Beach.

4- The Annual Boardwalk Classic Bike Show. Friday March 15, 2013 on the Daytona Beach Boardwalk (located just north of the Daytona Beach Pier) on Friday@, March 15.  This event is FREE to the public.  Fifty-seven trophies will be awarded in twenty classes, and the grand prize is $500.00 cash to Best of Show.  Pre-registration is $20.00.  Send check or money order to Boardwalk Classic, Box 265201, Daytona Beach, FL  32126, or sign up at the Mardi Gras Arcade on the Boardwalk prior to the event.  On-site registration is $25.00, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.  Trophies awarded at 4 p.m. Info: call Bill at 386-871-0398.

5- Rat’s Hole Bike Show. Saturday March 16, 2013. At the new Daytona Lagoon on Earl Street. Bike pre-registration fee is $40 with alll entries receiving a Rat’s Hole Cap and two passes to the show. All contestants must line up next to the curb on Ora street between 7:30 and 8:30 am. You will receive your show card number and get in position for the competition.. You will have time to clean your bike before the judging which starts at 10:00 am. 22 Classes. The trophies will be given out around 5:00 pm. Rat’s Hole Show.

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  1. 1 Rodent Mar 9th, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    The only event worth a damn is Willie’s Tropical Show. 2 buck beer cheap food and drink AND Free admission. Get there early because its over shortly after 4 and parking is at a premium as after 12 noon.
    As a matter of fact, Willie G. Davidson spent a couple of hours at the event last year just hours before announcing his retirement from the company that bears his name.

  2. 2 Rogue Mar 10th, 2013 at 10:06 am

    A NEW SHOW –

    Not To Be Missed is the “Editors Choice Bike Show” to be held at the Broken Spoke Saloon 1150 US1 in Ormond Beach on Tuesday March 12th.

    It is a FREE SHOW starting at noon where 15 national motorcycle publications editors or staff will select a bike. The owner will receive a trophy and a full feature in a future issue

    PLUS Awards For 11 Other Classes

    For more information check out the website http://brokenspoke.com/saloons/daytona/ and or to sign up early contact heather@brokenspoke.com

    Yes I will be there. Make sure to have me take your photo.

  3. 3 Rodent Mar 12th, 2013 at 6:24 am

    FYI Jay Allen no longer owns the Broken Spoke!

  4. 4 X 1DWB Mar 13th, 2013 at 6:17 am

    EVERY SHOW gets better. I have been going for years and have been impressed every time. I am Very sure Willie will do it again !

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