Seen At The Custom Chrome Europe Show. Wannabe-Choppers CANIOX Module For CAN-BUS Harley-Davidson Models

CanioxSince 2011 several HD models are equipped with a CAN-BUS a.k.a. “HD-LAN”. This internal communication system restrains certain replacement of components like the handlebar control switches. CANIOX has been developed to overcome this problem and to enable you to use custom handlebar controls e. g. from Performance Machine, Ness, Rebuffini, Joker Machine, RST to name just a view of them).

Up to now customizers had to disassemble the OEM CAN-BUS hand control units, remove the original electronic circuit boards and connect them to replacement switches. This has been a time consuming effort which destroyed the OEM hand control units. It has been a risky job too because a single short-circuit due to a bad soldering of the wires could easily block the whole HD-LAN communication.

CANIOX is a self-contained 53 mm x 73 mm x 16 mm small unit with wires of sufficient length to conventionally connect them to the handlebar wire harness. Color coded wires and an easy but sufficient installation guide are facilitating the mounting of CANIOX. After installation CANIOX receives the switch signals of common handle bar controls and translates them into CAN-BUS messages for the HD-LAN system. CANIOX is: • A Self contained small unit with all parts needed to install • Push-buttons or rocker switches of all kind can be used: CANIOX adapts automatically – e. g. the front light beam dimmer can be a push button. You can use visual attractive hand control switches for your projects! • All new original comfort functions (hazard warning button, clutch lever switch, head light flasher, display function button) can be realized by connection additional push buttons! With CANIOX you can turn on the hazard warning lights by simultaneously pushing both turn indicator buttons: Although new HD models no longer have this function CANIOX will bring it back!

• Front turn indicator lamps (LED without load resistor or 21 W bulbs) can be connected to CANIOX! • Enduring design: Fully waterproofed embedded circuit, large temperature range (-40°C to 100°C), protected against electro static discharge (ESD) as well as bad supply voltage according to automotive standards (including reverse battery voltage and 24 V jumper cabling)! • Time saving installation due to simple mounting: Use of OEM plug for CAN-BUS and supply voltage. Switches are simply connected to colour coded wires and all use ground signal. CANIOX supplies 4 “clean” ground connections for switches. Normally no setup necessary (just for using conventional Engine Run/Stop switches)! • High Quality product made in Germany: All modules are fully multi-tested. Support from manufacturer by E-Mail! • High investment protection due to updatable software: If CANIOX will be used for future bike models with different HD-LAN bus protocol it can be updated by the manufacturer. Wannabe Choppers.

Cyril Huze