Motorcycle Bluetooth Boomless Helmet Communication System

uclearuclearbisUCLEAR, a company specializing in advanced audio solutions for communicating in high-noise and mobile environments, introduces the industry’s first boomless Bluetooth helmet communication system with multiple user intercom and unlimited range capabilities for the motor sports, snow sports, outdoor, and cycling communities.

UCLEAR’s products eliminates boom microphones and analog communication found in most helmet communication systems, and replaces them with digital technology that allows users to make phone calls, listen to and control music, and intercom with other users via Bluetooth for crystal clear communication. Embedded microphones eliminate the need for obtrusive boom mics. Multi-Hop Technology: unit works as a repeater, providing up to .4 miles (700 meters) between UCLEAR units and enabling the network & communication range to grow as additional users join. Super Group Technology connects up to 10 UCLEAR users for full duplex intercom. Extreme noise cancellation isolates user’s voice and eliminates wind and environmental noise. Ruggedized weather resistant design for use in all riding conditions. Firmware upgradeable for ongoing enhancements and new features. More info at UCLEAR USA.

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  1. 1 A 1 MIKE Dec 17th, 2013 at 10:30 am

    I recently installed this on an open face helmet..not for the phone, for the speakers and blue tooth my phone through it for music while on a long trip…it works amazing..when I first installed it I was about to hop on bike and my phone microphone..i spoke loudly “answer” and the phone picked up and I heard everything clearly the person was saying…after they terminated call it went back to music..i can imagine it would work even better on a full face helmet….I have a customer who blue tooths his gps through it for hands and eyes free navigation in the city…it also can communicate with other riders if your in a synch them together….so it can be a minimalist radio to a group leading device..we get them through fulmer…this isn’t an advertisement..just saying it really works and depending on your needs from radio to comm this little thing gets the job can all argue about safe riding or no need for this!!! to each his own..but its way better than earplugs and a radio wire hanging in the wind.

  2. 2 Badams Dec 18th, 2013 at 1:07 am

    Have this on a Shoei nanotec and its amazing.

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