Postcards From Italy Verona Motor Bike Expo And Show. January 24-26.

KodlinOnFire0002Last monday, I showed you the pictures (see them again here) of the top 3 winners of the Custom Chrome Europe Show held during the Italy Verona Motor Bike Expo (January 24-26) To complete the report, a few postcards of the atmosphere, of the ladies and a few of some vip’s (you will recognize them) present during this very important european motorcycle event. (photography @ H. Roesler for Cyril Huze)
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4 Responses to “Postcards From Italy Verona Motor Bike Expo And Show. January 24-26.”

  1. 1 Terence Tory Feb 1st, 2014 at 9:55 am

    The Café Desmo Harley is neat all round.I can do without flamethrower exhausts,a real lot.

  2. 2 Blackmax Feb 1st, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    Looks like a very cool show
    must be with the likes of the Ness family (Cory & Zach) & Micheal Lichter
    Will see them all at the V-Twin Expo next weekend in MY hometown of Cincinnati
    Can’t wait !!!!

  3. 3 SIGFREED Feb 2nd, 2014 at 8:23 am

    The hybrid cafe **softail v-twin… …thingy (under two people presenting four victory signs) is pretty cool.

    **Well at least I think it has a “soft” tail (of sorts) and I assume it is the “Desmo Harley” (eg belts vs wobbly legs) mentioned above …

    NOTE TO CH: would be nice if you could include some descriptions on your ‘postcards’.

  4. 4 Horst Rösler Feb 3rd, 2014 at 11:40 am


    …are hard work – as most journalists know! And it ain’t Cyril’s fault, because I dropped some 300+ Images from Verona into his mailbox. Impossible to caption them all, because you don’t know what images might be selected. But after finishing the Custom Chrome Europe Bike Show Report and now the general show & event report, I can provide you with fitting captions…


    Fred Kodlin shooting flames from the exhausts of his „Outtalimit“ Bagger! All Photographers pestered him all weekend long until he rolled out the bike for a “showdown” on Friday…

    Authorised Verona Harley-Davidson dealer occupies a centerpiece booth at the Verona Fiere’s hall 2. Only one thing is mandatory when visiting hall 2: Earplugs!!! A cacophony of music (or what ever the booth holder interpretes as such…) deafens every effort to talk: If you think it cant get any louder, your other ear is bleeding to an uproar of Rockabilly from a different direction. A disc jockey is literally blown to the wall by a live metal band – until techno hell opens its gates and boom-booms you into extasy or oblivion. (those of you who ever attended “Black Bike Week” in Daytona understand!) So mount your earplugs and into the mayhem: There is also a lot to see!

    The girls of Motor bike Expo
    As at most Italian Motorcycle Shows, Trade Fairs and events, the motorcycles are only half the fun. Nice girls, posing for the cameras are a common sight at MOTOR BIKE EXPO VERONA for years. If you see a crowd gathering around a booth or at a display, 99% chance is, that some girls are dancing, posing or just sitting as an eyecatcher to attract attention. And – as these pictures are visible proof – the trick works as since the dawn of times!

    LEFT: Not his first visit: Zach Ness enjoys Motor Bike Expo

    RIGHT: Hamster-Meet at Verona: Fred Kodlin and Cory Ness

    Presented at the „Biker‘s Life“ booth with the „Best of the Best“ Show winners of the annual BIKER FEST – this year‘s event will be the 28th edition at Lignano – the DESMOHOG was an engine project by Chris Barber with the motorcycle now in posession „The Black Douglas“ Motorcycles. An incredible technical combination of Shovelhead lower end and Ducati cylinder and heads, it is a timeless technical marvel created to prove that it can be done! //

    LEFT: Handcrafted tank in the LOW RIDE Magazine Bike Show

    RIGHT: You all know who THAT is!!

    Handcrafted Café Racer in the LOW RIDE Magazine Bike Show

    LEFT: Verona Girls at the “Bike Hospital” booth

    RIGHT: Without doubt, the Trial Demonstrations at Motor Bike Expo have been a crowd attraction since the first Verona-based event. Welcome by the riders as pre-season practice, both bicycles and motorcycles have to master extremly challenging parcours , yet not under the pressure of competition and points.

    Crowds in Hall 3 at the LOW RIDE Magazine Bike Show

    Crowded conditions in Hall 1, home of the „Cafè Racer“ Magazine display and the London „Ace Café“, which invited the new Brough Superior as a „guest star“. Trendsetting news was that BMW‘s of all ages and the modern Triumphs have become a popular obejct for Italian customizers. Café Racer and Dirt Track style customs have skyrocketed in numbers! Check out the story of Guilio Paz Design’s BMW for a teaser!

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