Black S&S® E & G Carb Kits With ThunderJet® Available From Zipper’s

You probably know that the S&S Shorty “E” & “G” is the most popular carburetor ever. Not surprisingly, the new black finish version is in very high demand and not so easy to get. FYI, Zipper’s Performance has black-finish S&S® E/G carburetors, with or without a ThunderJet® installed, in stock and ready to ship. You can purchase only the black carb or the complete ThunderJet®-equipped carburetor kit.

Zippers2Not only a great looking carb but an added performance with a +.100” venturi bore increase and the addition of the ThunderJet® third fuel circuit. Additional features are an adjustable volume accelerator pump, high flow air cleaner and enrichment device with a variable position lever, and a tight, tucked-in profile for maximum leg room.

Works great on high output engines and medium sized big-bore or stroked engines. ThunderJet-equipped models include an external, adjustable main air bleed and modified float bowl vent machining, with additional jets for the ThunderJet and air bleed. Order at 410-579-2828 Fax 410-579-2835 or visit Zipper’s Performance Carburetors.

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  1. 1 Glenn Jun 25th, 2014 at 8:28 am

    During the last 15 years, used only S&S carbs. Easier to tune.

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