Avon Tyres Introduces A Cobra Tire Designed For Trikes

Cobra-Trike-AV-71Specially designed for Trikes, the new Avon Cobra Trike 130/70R18 63V (front) is the perfect choice for this increasingly popular, easy to handle, three-wheel motorcycle option. Made with the exceptional technology that has gone into the development of the other Cobra products in the line, the new Cobra Trike tire offers a flatter lean profile for longer wear, better handling and stability.

“Our customers having been asking for a Trike tire for some time, so we’ve developed the new Cobra Trike to meet the needs of this growing group of enthusiasts,” stated Ken Warner, VP of Marketing, Avon Tyres. “We want to make sure we’ve got the right products for our customers to meet the evolving vehicle landscape. This tire is our next step in product engineering and innovation that’s driven by customer input.”

The Avon Cobra Trike tire is availability this month. For more information, visit Avon Moto.

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  1. 1 Zoomer Jul 30th, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    Been waiting for someone to address this issue for some time. Both Mom and Dad are on trikes due to physical limitations, but are they going to make it in a 16″ to fit oem wheels?

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