TÜV Approved 6-piston Brakes And 300 MM Discs.

muller1 muller2This past Monday, I featured the “Chica Bonita” built by by German Müller Motorcycles. I mention their own 6-piston calipers without mentioning that braking gear is this company their forte. So, let me mention, especially for my European readers, that Müller Motorcycles is also offering 6-piston brakes for their own 300 mm semi-floating discs.

Bigger the setup, better the brake performance.  The advantages of these discs are a better and continuously controllable brake pressure and an even wear of the brake pads. The semi floating bearing prevents warpage of the disc even at highest loads.

The discs are TÜV certified and are available in 292mm (11.5 inch) and 300mm. You can combine it with the serial brake caliper and the Müller 6-piston caliper or other aftermarket calipers. They come in matte  black, polished black or simply polished. More information at  Müller Motorcycles 

Cyril Huze