Special Effects Powder Coating On Your Wheels

sumaxwheelIf you had to change only one thing on a factory motorcycle to change it with the maximum impact, it would be replacing your wheels or customizing them. And the technique of powder coating is the one offering you almost unlimited possibilities to do it.

Sumax has been powder coating for over thirty years and is the original company offering it exclusively for motorcycles. The company is well known and appreciated for the quality of its work and pride itself for the quality of its non-fading smooth glass finish paint due to an extremely precise cleaning and preparation of the wheels.

Featured here is a two-color contrast Viper Red/ HD Denim Black wheel. On its website, Sumax offers a link to Prismatic Powders offering thousands of colors and free samples to match your bike. Customers from all over the world send their parts to Sumax. They are the original, and probably the powder coating company by which all others are judged. Sumax 800-654-5546

Cyril Huze