2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 14 Results.

cb1cb2cb3With the collaboration of Felicia Morgan.

Yesterday was the last full day of riding for the Cannonballers who are still able. There are several who no longer have the ability, including #22, Jeff Lauritsen from Nebraska. He was hit by a guy in a Dune Buggy yesterday as he was coming into Lake Havasu, Arizona. After a quick trip to the hospital to be checked out, he was sent back to the pits to analyze the situation with his bike, which is a bit mangled. Endless to say, he and Robert Hernandez who were sharing the bike are no longer riding.

The number of riders with perfect scores are dwindling. Just 17 are still in contention to take the Jeff Decker sculpture home. None of which are Class l.

Today will be the last day of riding together. The last 101 miles of a nice Sunday cruise will start off with a steep, 4,000 ft climb in before the gaggle of 100+year old machines will take their place on the pages of motorcycling history.

cb4cb5cb6The coast-to-coast trek that encompassed 3,304 miles across 15 states on Century old bikes in 16 days will end today. The winner will be honored during the awards ceremony in Carlsbad, California. Which marque will it be: Harley-Davidson, Indian, Henderson? Considering the top 5 riders with perfect scores are all on Henderson motorcycles, it isn’t a far reach to imagine that the world will be paying a bit more attention to the Henderson brand.

Cyril Huze