Khrome Werks 2-2 High Performance Exhaust for 2017 H-D Touring Bikes. Available Now!

To avoid any confusion in a former post of last week,  I re-run the following press release.

Give the new Milwaukee Eight an aggressive boost with this three step 2-into-2 exhaust system. Relentlessly engineered, this system produces significant horsepower and torque gains over stock. This exhaust system has been dyno tested to show performance improvements as a bolt on system. Designed to produce the Khrome Werks signature sound without high frequency tones. Offered in triplex nickel chrome, black or Eclipse with billet tips.

Additional features include: Built for 2017 Harley Davidson Touring models, 16-gauge 1-3/4- 1-7/8- 2 inch 3 step primaries. 18mm and 12mm O2 bungs, Improved horsepower and low-end torque. 4.50” inch muffler bodies with two-inch inlets. High flow absorptive baffle with expansion chamber to maximize torque.

. P/N 200400 2-into-2 HighPerformance Exhaust, Chrome  $1295.95

. P/N 200810 2-into-2 High Performance Exhaust, Black $1349.95

. P/N 201810 2-into-2 High Performance Exhaust, Eclipse  $1495.95


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