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Vice President Pence May Address The Motorcycle Industry At AIMExpo In September. It helps that VP Pence is an avid motorcyclist who recently has been seen astride his Harley-Davidson. He even just named his new dog ‘Harley’. And it was national news when Harley-Davidson’s executive team had been invited to the White House in January, with the Vice President more publicly associated as being a rider. Bob Althoff, dealer principal at A.D. Farrow Harley-Davidson in Columbus, and a local partner of AIMExpo, penned a compelling letter explaining the impact Mr. Pence could have by addressing the nation’s retailers at the industry’s big trade show, and sent it off to the office of the Vice President. About a month after sending the letter off, Bob heard from the VP’s schedulers, who told him that it was being considered, which was a very positive response compared to a ‘No’.

Flat Track Racing Is In The Midst Of A Renaissance. New simpler rules, the storied Harley versus Indian rivalry. big-name sponsors, and a TV broadcast deal with NBC Sports, all contribute to the the renewed interest for the sport. The inaugural season of American Flat Track passed the halfway point and at every race someone wearing Indian Motorcycle racing leathers was on the podium. Four times this season, Indian had swept the podium entirely, with its riders Jared Mees, Brad Baker, and Bryan Smith being too much for everyone else to handle. The American Flat Track season sees racers competing on four different types of track. One of the changes from the old AMA Pro Flat Track days is that racers now have to ride the same type of bike throughout the season, whereas previously they would use different bikes for different tracks.

For The First time Ever BMW Motorrad USA Offering Demo Rides On Soon-To-Be-Released K 1600 B Bagger. BMW has chosen the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® to debut the BMW K 1600 B “Bagger” Ten of the highly anticipated new bikes will be shipped to the Buffalo Chip for the exclusive demo ride opportunity, along with a full stable of new innovative BMW motorcycle models. BMW Motorrad representatives will be on hand at the Buffalo Chip’s free-access CrossRoads to show off all of the new bikes and assist with demo rides Friday, Aug. 4 through Saturday, Aug. 11. The K 1600 B features a new lower rear section with a significantly lower seat, a more elongated look and updated side bags. Its six-cylinder engine has serious muscle, pulling around 160 horsepower, and its high-tech options include reverse assist, hill start control, adaptive turning lights and more.

In 2030 Vietnam Will Ban All Motorcycles In Its Capital Of Hanoi The city of Hanoi has over 7.5 million people that it counts as inhabitants, and between them these citizens own more than 5 million motorcycles and half a million cars. In addition to the city progressively developing public transportation and vehicles being banned from certain locations at certain times from 2017 to 2029, Hanoi intends to ban in 2030 all motorcycles to circulate in its capital.

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  1. 1 golfish Jul 6th, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    Myself and a few buddies attended the flat track races in Phoinex this past May. This was my first time watching this kind of race live. We had 4 tables in the clubhouse. I think each ticket was 55.00. Best 55.00 I’ve spent in a long time. Great times, cant wait until next year.

  2. 2 1550tc Jul 7th, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    Vice President Pence May Address The Motorcycle Industry At AIMExpo In September.

    these guys have nothing better to do i guess

    Demo Rides On Soon-To-Be-Released K 1600 B Bagger………….GREAT AND PLEASE LEAVE THE TRACTION CONTROL ON FULL POWER 🙂

  3. 3 rebel Jul 8th, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Hanoi should ban the cars instead

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